Time to run

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Burrowing Owl

Well, its early in the morning (3 am) and I guess that I am all rested up; because sure as sunshine in Florida, I am awake and raring to go. Yeah, I slept. My running sticks have been a little bit tired for a few days, so hopefully I will just cruise easy and get them firing again.
One of the pleasures about running the grassy hills of Vista View park is that it is a refuge for a large population of Burrowing Owls. Curious, but protective trash heap dwellers.

Why do I call Vista View the trash heap? Because years ago it was a garbage dump. It really is amazing how Broward County converted this land-fill; now it is a gorgeous park of rolling hills and grasslands. You can only imagine the sludge and equipment chaos of those early years. Because it is a photo-worthy picnic destination surrounded by quaint neighborhoods, athletic playgrounds and water features. And of course, these faithful custodians are always on duty. The Burrowing Owl.
Yes the trash heap is one of the few areas in South Florida where I can run and get any elevation gain. As you probably know Florida is flat and finding elevation is not easy. Generally runners will run over viaducts that cross waterways like the inter-coastal river/canal. These bridges rise about 50 to 75 as they cross a 1/2 mile or so. As you can imagine running back and forth, mile after mile, can get boring. Ah but it is what we do here in SoFla. Unless you go to Vista View Park aka: The Trash Heap.
Run - 1:00:01 - 7.33 miles - 8:11 pace - 132 avg hr