Time to run

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back on the attack!

Ah, so I let myself recover yesterday and wisely took the day off. Mimi left 3 Sam Adams beers in the refrigerator - even though I don't like craft beers - she is away, so I consumed them for her. Now I am trying to figure out what to do constructively today. It remains to be seen what will become of the day (but one thing is certain, I do know how to find trouble), GO, GO, GO!
Run - 1:00:08 - 7.66 miles - 7:51 pace per mile - 132 avg HR
Still feeling Sunday's race, but I am sure yesterdays day off was a good call. Today I just ran free to get the legs moving. I can feel the residual junk in my legs, but I'm glad that I got re-started.

The devil in me is really referring to the child molesters, murderers, and countless others in our prison system who begin a relationship with god while in the joint... These chameleons believe that the big guy has forgiven their sins (sins which he knew they would commit all along), and after the electric chair, natural death or whatever, they will float in the clouds among harp plucking angels. Whilst those who grew up believing in a different god or none at all, will burn in a fiery pit. This is laughable at best and perhaps during a simpler time fantasies like heaven and hell kept the masses in line. But seriously, it is time for Americans (other nations are as primitive, but not at the same rate) to EVOLVE. Further, the advertised reward of heaven is repulsive anyway. Floating around worshiping some ego obsessed torturous dude who is so insecure that he commands that you bow to him even though he isn't worthy. More on why he isn't worthy soon. In the meantime, love everyone. Be like that other fictional guy, Jesus, and feed the hungry and clothe the poor. Really.