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Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Howl - Feb. 22- 28

Something new: 
Beginning this week I will not howl at you every single day about my training. I'm sure that it gets old (I do it for me mostly - to track my training progress). I will continue post random thoughts here, but as far as my training goes, I will only post a once a week summary - from today on; unless I race during the week (then probably an additional race report). Hopefully this will help keep my blog more interesting and your inbox less cluttered. I'm sure as I have been learning how to use Blogger, I have annoyed some of my friends/followers. This is certainly not my intention and I do not want to lose any of the those that do follow me ;-) - so S T A Y  and explore my space; please comment or email me and let me know how I am doing.

Sympathy card:
At times I probably come off as an ego-maniac and well, I probably am. But the truth is, as my healing continues, typing my thoughts, creating content and re-learning graphic design and stuff really advances my progress. So don't hate me, follow my blog, share it, comment and tell me I suck but mostly read my rants. Thank you. Living with a traumatic brain injury is hard - it is really hard and every single day I face new challenges to old problems. Sometimes I scream really loud, for unknown reasons and at random times. Poor, poor Mimi. She burdens so much more than she deserves to. I hope that she continues to let me stay...
Sun 2/22: Run - 2:00:00 - 12.85 miles - 10:10 Pace - 114 avg hr
Mon - Rest
Tue AM - 1:06:09 - 8.5 miles - 7.46 pace - 137 avg hr - 650' elevation gain
Trail run at Vista View trash heap. I ran strong and attacked the uphills. I am happy with my effort.
Tue PM - 42:30 - 5.5 miles - 7:43 pace
World of Beer fun run. I started easy and built my tempo through the finish.
Wed Run - 57:03 - 6.72 miles - 8:29 pace - 121 avg hr
Easy pace - trying to get my tired legs firing again
Thu AM Run - 1:00:09 - 6.41 miles - 9:23 pace - 118 avg hr

Very tired this morning - It was hot, humid and windy and my motor spurted thru this jog.
Thu PM Run - 42.34 - 5.27 miles - 7:41 pace - 130 avg hr
Runners Depot fun run
Fri Run - 52:28 - 7.14 miles - 7:20 pace - 135 avg hr
Good run with some temp; but pretty steady, actually.
Sat Run - 1:12:00 - 8.22 miles 8:45 pace 125 avg hr
Hot, humid and windy - very tired and slow; I felt like I was running uphill today. One of those runs that I am glad that I got out the door and did what I could. I was hoping to run a lot longer, but just couldn't get moving today.

Week Total (1 rest day): 59.61 miles

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Margaux Juniper is 4 months old!

Wed. 2/25
Oh, the happy days!

My Grand-baby, Margaux Juniper is 4 months old today... Wow-zee!

visit: Nico Berlin and Margaux Juniper (Family)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

B2B Long(er) runs - tired legs

25+ mile two day total; (back to back days). My legs are definitely feeling it since last weeks marathon. I will come up with a two week taper schedule leading up to Dances with Dirt Green Swamp 50k (Mar. 7th).

Run - 2:00:00 - 12.85 miles - 10:10 Pace - 114 avg hr

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Wild Route

I haven't run the wild route (via Wiles Rd in a while). It was a regular last year when I needed longer mileage routes. Decent run - heavy headwind made it difficult.

Run - 1:56:00 - 13.64 miles - 8:30 Pace - 121 avg hr

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tired today - bed is good.

I am tired today; still not fully recovered from Sunday's marathon. I ran well with some tempo, but cut it short. Today was a day of bed. Now vegan pizza and beer...

 Run - 37:15 - 5.26 miles - 7:04 Pace - 137 avg hr

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Signed up to race - Dances with Dirt 50K

Dances with Dirt Green Swamp 50K

No rest for Dick Dime. Right off the heels of the A1A Marathon, I have registered for another race. This time a bit longer (50K or about 31 miles). I ran it last year and got lost. I ran 38 miles total, so this year I hope to be focused and stay on course.
Run - 1:13:00 - 8.15 miles - 8:57 per mile - 120 avg. heart rate
Trash heap with 700' of verticle
Run - 53:30 - 6.5 miles - 8:13 per mile - 126 avg. heart rate
Fort Lauderdale Road Runners run club

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Urban Hipster Fashion Necessities

Sometimes no article of clothing is more appropriate for a job interview than this staple; the rock and roll concert t-shirt. It is important however, to wear authentic vintage t-shirts and not the cheesy reproductions that are littered at shopping malls in Every-town, USA. Aging relatives might still have some in their closets and garages. My advice is to raid all available and stored stash. You can look fantastic.

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Rest day
I decided to rest today. I took a day off after the marathon but ran pretty hard last night. Mimi says I should listen to my body (whatever that means); I feel lazy today. Is that my body talking to me? I am guessing it is telling me to rest again today. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

World of Beer 'fun run'

Run - 39:20 - 5.3 miles - 7:25 Pace - 136 avg hr

World of Beer fun run with Mimi, Fra, Matthew, Irma and Gary. I was pretty tight but Gary pushed the pace. I ran well considering I am sore from Sunday's marathon. I felt more stiff after the run. It remains to be seen as what my status will or will not be tomorrow. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

A1A Marathon - 2015 - a post TBI personal record

My pre-race rant
Well, I am up. I went to bed early (8:30 pm). It is now 12:10 Sunday morning - The A1A Marathon starts in less than 6 hours - I cannot sleep; I am restless and awake. A predictable post traumatic brain injury continuum. Still, I feel like I slept solid for about 5 hours, so I am happy about that. A few minutes ago, as I walked to the bathroom, I could feel some soreness in my ankles due to my aggressive training schedule. I have averaged about 65 miles per week. Not too bad considering it has has not included a single effort longer than 18 miles. This leaves me unsettled because during my faster running days, every marathon training schedule included at least three or four 20+ mile runs. Last year was no different. I had multiple 20 mile runs leading up to this race; and even though my race time was still 35 minutes slower than my typical pre-TBI marathon, I did run my fastest post injury (3:23). S T O P  -  here I go again - I am starting another pity-party… Just stop Mr. Dime! Be grateful that you are toeing the starting line. It has taken countless years of combined medical expertise, millions of dollars and 5 years of healing - not to mention my personal dedication and consistent training commitment to get this far. Don’t be such a pussy. You are ready. Relax for a few hours, get up, lace up and shut up. Then, go run. Mostly, just stop being such a pussy. Yeah, that is what I need to do. I need to allow myself to experience this fantastic joy because everything is awesome. I am living my life they way that I want to and and  I am over-the-moon about heading out to Ft. Lauderdale in  a couple of hours along with my hottie, Mimi Reeves, our svelte running buddy, Irma Robinson, and The ambassador of running himself (via Vermont), Mimi’s Uncle Fra (Frank Fahey). I am so lucky. I am with the ones I choose to be with and doing what I choose to do. Regardless of the outcome of this race, I am a happier and a better person today than at any other time of my life. Indeed, that is it, that is the ticket. Ah...

To be continued…
A1A Marathon - Race - Run - 3:16:24 - 26.22 miles - 7:29 Pace - 143 avg hr
A great day at the races. Not a personal PR but it is a post TBI best. I actually took 8 minutes off last years time. It was good enough to qualify for a return to the Boston Marathon. I am pleased. It is great to see all of my hard work beginning to pay off. I don't know if I will ever return to my sub-three hour standard, but I am a dreamer. 
My post race rant
I want to finish this rant with a little bit about progress with a traumatic brain injury and my happiness today. At the time of my accident I was peaking athletically. Yes, I worked had and I raced often. Placing in my age group and even winning some races overall was not uncommon. After the accident, the long sleep (my coma), the months of hospitalization and my new life which mostly consisted of doctors, drugs, lawyers, and life-guardians - I aspired to recover my lost self. Me, Dick Dime, the only guy I knew. Unfortunately, the road was long and poor direction choices were frequent. I immediately took on challenges; many of which I was not capable of and I failed. I have been injured and hospitalized on multiple occasions as I journeyed to find Dick Dime. Still relentlessly, I moved forward. F O R W A R D is my theme in life.
This is getting long and wordy because it is important to me. It is after all, my blog; that I hope a few people enjoy reading. The thing is, everyone measures success differently. Running has always been my cocoon of measurement. Simple as it is.

Cut to today. I am happy. My race went well and I was indeed, relentless. The journey has been slow, but today I am enjoying the pay-off. Now, to relax and then lock and load and set my sights on the Dances with Dirt Green Swamp 50K (31.7 miles). I ran this race last year, got lost and my Garmin read 38 miles. Obviously, I have a chance to improve my time in the swamp too. 

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Premarathon run

A1A Marathon at 6 am tomorrow. No predictions -  I just want to keep it together and run smart. Until then...
Run - 30:52 - 4.2 miles - 7:20 Pace - 143 avg hr
with 7 x 30" tempo bursts

Friday, February 13, 2015

honest, real, compelling

My friend, Steve Cruz, shared this with me on Facebook today. A very moving two and a half minutes.

No run on the schedule today; a needed rest day. I'll probably do a 20-30 minute jog with a few tempo pick-us tomorrow. The marathon is Sunday at 6 am. 
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Florida is for LOVING

I have been a resident of Florida for nearly 3 years and that makes me an almost-native. I like how weird this state is and how peoples interpretation nearly always wrong. The swamp sucks its people in from all over the world. Yep, I certainly got sucked in... and I like it. Florida likes really hard too, so come on down and visit us. We only feed the haters to the sharks.

Run - 39:47 - 5.15 miles - 7:43 Pace - 129 avg hr
Taper run to keep the legs loose.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A1A Marathon - Nervous - Am I Weird?

Well, Sunday is closing in FAST. I am really more unsettled about this marathon than any that I can remember. In the old days I toed the starting line, well trained and confident. It didn't matter if I reached my goals or not - I was happy and I vigorously attacked each race.
Since my accident my mental state has changed. I do not have the abilities that I once had and even though I train passionately (more than ever), I just haven't regained my old fitness. I know that I should just relax, but one thing hasn't changed about me: I fight - and even though I am only competing with myself, I still fight to win. Ha! I must like beating myself up.
I don't get it. I really don't know why my running hasn't returned to levels comparable to before my traumatic brain injury. I run more miles than I ever did before - I work hard! In the big picture, it should be a small aspect of my life. Unfortunately it is not. For some unidentified reason, I have not stopped searching for Dick Dime. The person I remember and the version of me that I liked best.
Since recovery began, I have run 4 marathons. My fastest was last year at A1A. I made big improvements over my previous post injury marathons and even though I was still 30 minutes slower than before my accident, I was happy and charged up to continue my forward progress. Since then, I haven't let up and my training has improved. However, my confidence has not returned and I swim in a swamp of doubt. I really struggle with this.
Is this a common mental dilemma for brain injury survivors? Is it normal - I do not want to be weird? If somebody out there who has suffered a TBI or know someone who has, and happens upon this rant, please comment and give me your opinion. I don't know what is normal. Did I say, I don't want to be weird?

Run - 1:01:07 - 7.31 miles - 8:21 Pace - 126 avg hr
Got out fairly early today. Unfortunately the wind was howling and I worked harder than I wanted to because I ran into the wind for the first 4 miles. Luckily the cruise home was nice and easy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Strong run with some tempo

Today I ran with some tempo; probably my last hard effort before the A1A Marathon on Sunday. I felt good with miles 6, 7 and 8 my strongest (low 7's). I am making progress and I don't have any false expectations for this marathon but as I build the year up I believe some faster running is in my future.

Run - 1:00:20 - 8:22 miles - 7:20 Pace - 142 avg hr
Run - 40:00 - 5.0 miles 8:00 Pace
World of Beer fun run 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Trash Heap - 1 week to go

Ran the Trash Heap trail today at an easy pace; including 730' of elevation gain. Just one week to go before the A1A marathon.
Run - 1:39 - 10.28 miles - 9:37 Pace - 111 avg hr

Randy is almost too big and Mimi too small for this type of activity - I suppose a photograph is necessary evidence. Randy and I are most definitely two lucky dogs. — with Mimi Reeves.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Chilly Day

Yesterday was a rest day (not really a scheduled one - but I improvised). I have been told to "listen to your body" but I do not speak that language. The truth is, I just didn't feel like running. Perhaps that was my body speaking to me... I do not know.  Instead of running I decided to cruise out to the beach and walk around. It was a seasonal winter day in SoFla and the beach was empty. It was nice.

Run - 1:39 - 12.1 miles - 8:10 Pace - 123 avg hr
Decent run; really windy again - I should stop complaining about the wind - at least it isn't 90/90 (90 degrees with 90 percent humidity); embrace the winter. Floridians like to say, "that is why we live here"

Friday, February 6, 2015

Barack Obama

Times certainly have changed since the years of GWB. Despite great odds our country is stronger, safer and smarter. Because of President Obama, her future is brighter. Thank you Mr. President. I have your back.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Oppressed - Malcolm X

Malcolm X - a voice of reason then, and more true than ever now. The media (FOX NEWS, etc) has been very effective in doing such.

#MalcolmX #media #newpapers #oppressed #racism #liberals #Foxnews #MSNBC 


Run - 37:30 - 5.11 miles - 7:20 Pace - 133 avg hr
Runners Depot Run Group tonight; with Mimi and Fra. I was supposed to run 8 miles ate 40" per mile above marathon pace, but I didn't feel good today. I am glad that I went out to run club though. I ran pretty good, too.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Taper Run

Run - 37:59 - 5.15 miles -  7:22 pace - 138 avg hr
Good run with some tempo thrown in. The taper continues. I have a longer/faster run on the schedule for tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Not too long ago, Mimi and I were driving along a Florida highway just north of Orlando; we saw an auto show-room proudly waving this flag above the dealership. The flag was huge; as big as a football field – and I am not exaggerating, either.
I've heard arguments time and again about how the Confederate flag is no longer representative of slavery, and how it's now indicative of "Southern pride and heritage." But I'm really over the whole "respect your heritage" mantra, especially when your heritage is hate.
Obviously the salesman was making a sales pitch to his below the Mason-Dixon Line customer base. Nonetheless, it stunned this white-boy and the sight of it still leaves me feeling filthy. America, we stand united and all people are beautiful and equal. Flags, license plates, bikinis, jacket patches, stickers and other paraphernalia displaying this symbol are in my humble opinion, traitorous.

AM Run - 1:05:00 - 8.1 miles - 8:01 Pace - 700' elevation gain - 129 avg hr
Nice hilly trail run at the trash heap; with 4 times 2000 meter intervals. I felt great today!
PM Run - 47:00 - 5.34 miles - 8:48 Pace

World of Beer Run Club - easy pace

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Two-Week Marathon Taper

So yesterday's run was the start of my two week marathon taper. I feel guilty tapering because I didn't do any 20 mile training runs and this makes me feel cheap. The reality is my volume is very good and I cannot cram miles in during this phase. I found a 2 week taper plan online by a former sub 2:20 marathon runner (training for a 2:56 marathon as an older runner). I'm going to follow this plan leading up to the race and hopefully I will arrive fresh and will run the best race that I currently can.

A two-week marathon taper schedule

Courtesy of Pete Marsh
Sun 13m steady
Mon 4m easy or rest
Tue 4x2,000m on the track (80%)
Wed 4m easy or rest
Fri 8m tempo (above race pace by 40sec a mile)
Sat rest
Sun 10m easy
Mon 4m easy or rest
Tue 2/3x2,000m on the track (steady)
Wed 4m easy
Thur 4m easy or rest
Fri rest
Sat rest (but I snuck out for a 2m jog in race gear)

yep, this is what I will do.  I will follow this plan and run the best race that I can.
Run - 52:00 - 6.1 miles - 8:31 pace - 120 avg hr
Into my active recovery plan. I didn't get out until 6 pm tonight - kept it easy and never looked at my pace on my Garmin. I felt sluggish, but I am glad I got out and ran. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Great Balls of Fire

Goodness gracious great balls of fire. It is on - ready or not.
Two weeks out until the A1A Marathon in Ft. Lauderdale. This morning I will run at the trash heap; the goal today is to run an easy steady pace for about 10 miles or so. A slower pace is okay. Even though I am probably not marathon-ready, I need to keep in mind that I cannot get more prepared in these next two weeks; however I can lose fitness or line-up at the race tired.  My focus is to keep the legs firing and to get to the starting line healthy. I think this will be my forth marathon since the TBI. Last year I ran a 3:23 and qualified for Boston. It was my best marathon post-accident. Hopefully I keep it together and run a good race. I don't know where I am at physically - I just need to keep my expectations in check. But that is hard. It would benefit me most to keep this race low key and to view it as quality training day. The thing is, it is just so painful for me; not running itself, but my sense of loss. I have an ongoing internal struggle. After the accident, a central part of me turned up missing; I search. I know that the running part was just a fraction of me, the person; but it is who I remember. My sense of self. Ah, I feel so petty and ungrateful obsessing about such a comparatively small aspect of my life. Obsessive? Yeah, obsess is what I do. But it is important to me as I continue to struggle and attempt to regain my lost running skill. Sometimes I feel like a rat in a cage. I wonder, am I nervous about this marathon? Time to release the big cat... Meow.

Long Slow Distance on the Heap
Run - 2:00:00 - 12.58 miles - 9:32 pace - 119 avg hr
Decent run on tired legs... 850' with of elevation gain.