Time to run

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Chilly Day

Yesterday was a rest day (not really a scheduled one - but I improvised). I have been told to "listen to your body" but I do not speak that language. The truth is, I just didn't feel like running. Perhaps that was my body speaking to me... I do not know.  Instead of running I decided to cruise out to the beach and walk around. It was a seasonal winter day in SoFla and the beach was empty. It was nice.

Run - 1:39 - 12.1 miles - 8:10 Pace - 123 avg hr
Decent run; really windy again - I should stop complaining about the wind - at least it isn't 90/90 (90 degrees with 90 percent humidity); embrace the winter. Floridians like to say, "that is why we live here"