Time to run

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Not too long ago, Mimi and I were driving along a Florida highway just north of Orlando; we saw an auto show-room proudly waving this flag above the dealership. The flag was huge; as big as a football field – and I am not exaggerating, either.
I've heard arguments time and again about how the Confederate flag is no longer representative of slavery, and how it's now indicative of "Southern pride and heritage." But I'm really over the whole "respect your heritage" mantra, especially when your heritage is hate.
Obviously the salesman was making a sales pitch to his below the Mason-Dixon Line customer base. Nonetheless, it stunned this white-boy and the sight of it still leaves me feeling filthy. America, we stand united and all people are beautiful and equal. Flags, license plates, bikinis, jacket patches, stickers and other paraphernalia displaying this symbol are in my humble opinion, traitorous.

AM Run - 1:05:00 - 8.1 miles - 8:01 Pace - 700' elevation gain - 129 avg hr
Nice hilly trail run at the trash heap; with 4 times 2000 meter intervals. I felt great today!
PM Run - 47:00 - 5.34 miles - 8:48 Pace

World of Beer Run Club - easy pace