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Sunday, June 28, 2015

MyHowl - June 28 > July 4



Happy 4th of July to the more than half of America that isn’t treasonous, racist, bigoted, or kissing the butts of the 1%.
Remember when W was president and Republicans said merely criticizing him was treason?
With that, a meme for them - based on their consistent policies: You are WARFARE QUEENS.
And lastly (because I am a surly bastard), some wise words from one of our nation's framers, Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason (consider his thoughts):

"Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon, than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness, that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind; and, for my part, I sincerely detest it, as I detest everything that is cruel".
From South Florida - Happy Independence Day - be healthy and happy,


It looks like I am back up and running. I ran strong yesterday but felt tired on the same course today. I am most likely a bit sluggish after the days off from running due to my injury. Still I am confident that I am back and with some consistent training I should continue on an upward trend.


I have been struggling since last Wednesday - my fall really set me back; I suffered lingering pain all week. I must have hit my rib cage on something because my ribs really have been in a state of limiting growls all week (as well as the road rash to my knees and elbows). I have been able to bicycle a few times after a full rest day and Saturday's ride was with a lot less pain. I have really wanted to run, but I am utilizing this time to rest my running sticks fully. Not to mention I have also been nursing a bruised running sole on my right foot. I think today will be my first run since my tumble. 


I did end up making to the trash heap today for a trail run. I started out running but was walking in less than a hundred feet. I ended up walking the first 2.5 miles and then jogged the last 3 miles. My last mile was in 8:00 - so I am encouraged. 

You do not have to be a genius to understand one.

Training this week: Run 63.45 mi - bike 0.0 (0 rest day)

Sat Run - 8.23 mi - 1:06:31 - 8:04 pace

Easy warm-up, then 4 1/2 mile tempo on 1/2 mile easy

Fri Run - 6.76 mi - 55:06 - 8:09 pace 

Oh boy, that was tough out there today; I had nothing.

Thur PM Run - 6.1 mi 45:33 - 7:28 pace - 138 avg hr

run with Runners Depot (store run)

Thur AM Run - 6.76 mi - 51:35 - 7:36 pace - 140 avg hr

The Rambewood route in the rain. I felt much better today and ran well.

Wed Run/walk - 8.41 mi - 1:20:42 - 9:35 pace - 135 avg hr

I ran the first 6.25 mi in around 51:00 and was reduced to a walk (with some slow jogging) the rest of the way home. I was done in by the heat and mostly the humidity today.

Tues AM Run - 8.24 mi - 1:05:57 - 8:00 pace - 143 avg hr

I ran pretty well for the first 10k and then faded

Tues PM Run - 5.11 mi - 41:45 - 8:10 pace - 142 avg hr

World of Beer club run

Mon Run - 8.23 mi - 1:02:17 - 7:34 pace - 150 avg hr

Good run - 1st effort without walking since my crash on Wednesday.

Sun Walk/Run - 5.61 mi - 1:13:51 - 13:09 pace - 96 avg hr

Well the injuries remain but after a rough start (2.5 miles of walking), I began jogging and got stronger with less pain as I continued. My fingers are crossed.  Today included 400' of vertical at the trash heap. 

Last week: Run 28.72 mi - Bike 64.39 (1  rest day) last month: Run 222.85 mi - Bike 187.67


This year: run 1,642.8 mi - bike 207.95 mi 

Last year: run 2,670.88 mi - bike 3,614.17     

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#traumatic #
BrainInjury #TBI #running #training #healing #politics #liberal #democratic #triathlons #UltraRunning #vegan #athletes #blogging #Google #Blogger #rants #howls #peace #love #WorldOfBeer #Beer #Facebook #marathon #PlantPower #liberal #secular #atheist #LeftWingPolitics #democratic #fitness #health #PlantBasedNutrition 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

MyHowl - June 21 > 27


I fell down on my run today... bruised and scabbed. Since my brain injury, I fall often.


I doubt most people really know much about my guy, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and I have not heard it articulated by anyone better than this young man. Don't hate the messenger, just do yourself a service and watch 2 minutes of this video (and I bet that you will stay tuned through the 10). Do it!

I have really backed off running and started riding my bike. This is good for multiple reasons but I hope my tender foot responds to the break favorably. Also, it is hot as balls in south Florida right now - 95 
with matching humidity is the current norm. I run so much better in the heat and desert temps of Colorado summers. Believe it or not, Denver summers are a lot hotter than SoFla's with temps routinely reaching 100 plus degrees. The difference is the humidity. It is the worst. I'd rather run up and down 10,000 foot mountains than run into the wind and humidity here. I know I sound like a pussy because I constantly whine about the weather here, but I do not apologize. Just feel the pain. I should just get off my ass and go run a shorty.

And then there is I Dream of Jeannie - my boyhood crush!


Last week was good and bad. The bad, an overuse injury to my right foot. The good, I got back on my bike and logged over 100 mile cycling last week. Sometimes its nice to turn a setback into a step forward.

Overflow crowd--biggest for any candidate yet this year--greets @BernieSanders in Denver. Remind me why he can't win?


Although the mainstream media is still minimizing the 'Bernie Bump' - it is becoming clear that the American public is beginning to notice and support this outstanding American politician and more importantly, patriot. Clearly, people are excited and his events are by far, the best attended. The upcoming debates will be fantastic theater.

Training this week: Run 28.72 mi - bike 64.39 (1 rest day) 

Sat Bike - 21.0 mi - 1:06:00 19.09 avg mph 
Rode the fixie to Sunrise and home... still feeling beat up from my fall this week. I miss running.
Fri Bike - 23.27 mi - 1:15:34 - 18.48 avg mph - 120 avg hrI managed a decent ride on the fixie today. I have a lot of muscle soreness and multiple scabs on my knees and elbows.
Rest - I am very sore and scabbed too.

Wed Run - 1:00:54 - -6.7 mi - 9:05 pace - 118 avg hr
I fell down again. The first 3 miles were quick in about 22 minutes; I tried to cross the street and tripped on a rubber fan belt or something and fell head first into the street. I smashed my knees and got considerable road rash on my arms and legs. I walk/ran home at around a 10:00 pace. :-(

Tues AM Run -1:03:17 - 8.41 mi - 7:31 pace - 140 avg hr

Good run today - no foot pain to speak of. The bike days are paying off. I need to be careful and continue alternating cycling into my regimen.

Mon Bike - 20.12 mi 19.3 mph pace 

I ran yesterday with only a small amount of foot pain. I may run later, but either way, I thought that a short ride on my fixed gear would be nice.

Sun Run - 8.5 mi - 8:33 pace - 132 avg hr

Because of my ongoing foot injury, I decided to hit the trail today. I managed 700' of vertical at the trash heap. The foot felt a little bit better and for the first 4 miles I didn't notice it. It did speak up later in the run, but it was tolerable. I should continue to mix I the bike and run less and when I do, easier. 

Last week: Run 41.36 mi - Bike 123.28 (0 rest day) last month 281.53 mi last year 2,670.88 mi 


bike yr: 207.95 mi          

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BrainInjury #TBI #running #training #healing #politics #liberal #democratic #triathlons #UltraRunning #vegan #athletes #blogging #Google #Blogger #rants #howls #peace #love #WorldOfBeer #Beer #Facebook #marathon #PlantPower #liberal #secular #atheist #LeftWingPolitics #democratic #fitness #health #PlantBasedNutrition 
#traumatic #
BrainInjury #TBI #running #training #healing #politics #liberal #democratic #triathlons #UltraRunning #vegan #athletes #blogging #Google #Blogger #rants #howls #peace #love #WorldOfBeer #Beer #Facebook #marathon #PlantPower #liberal #secular #atheist #LeftWingPolitics #democratic #fitness #health #PlantBasedNutrition 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

MyHowl - June 14 > 20

Nice long bike ride from Palmetto to the West Palm Inlet and back today. I tried to brick a run after the ride, but the foot pain returned immediately so I called it a day.

The big news this week is, I have ridden my bike 3 days in a row. Actually, I have ridden both of my bikes (my fixie and my tri-bike). My recent over-training induced foot injury has been the catalyst but I hope it is not the only reason why I am riding. I used to love cycling. I rode a lot and was a strong rider. Along the way, I lost interest and it is sad. My fastest days as a runner also included very heavy bike training. I don't think that my foot injury is serious and I anticipate being back at a heavy running schedule again in a few days. It is likely however, that if I included bicycling into my regimen, I probably would not have gotten injured at all. Not only that, I still fantasize about a return to triathlon races. 


Ran long and felt great for the first 10 miles. The heat did me in and by mile 12 I was slowing down; walked home from mil 12.34. I don't know what the answer is. It is SoFla summer and I suppose I need to get out earlier...

Training this week: Run 41.36 -  bike 123.28 (0 rest day) 

Sat Bike - 61.26 mi - 19.1 avg mph - 117 avg hr
Nice ride up to the inlet. I rode well with some longer intervals on the way up and then cruised home. The run that I attempted afterwords was cut immediately as the foot pain was there and I played it safe.

Fri Bike-  21.57 mi - 19.57 avg mph - 122 avg hr

I rode my Quintana Roo today. A nice change of pace (from the fixie). 
Thurs  AM Bike - 20.25 mi - 17.61 avg mph - 116 avg hr

Rode the fixie this morning chasing Mimi around while she did a few intervals. Humbling...

Thurs PM Run -  6.12 mi - 8:08 pace - 130 avg hr
Trail run on the levee. I had a really sore running foot tonigt. The pain is on the bottom of my right foot near the ball where my foot strikes. It hurt so bad that I took my shoe off at mile 3 thinking that there was a rock in my shoe. 

Wed Bike - 20.2 mi - 17.82 avg mph - 120 avg hr

2nd bike ride of the year. Super hot weather and tired legs so I had an active rest day on the bike
Tues AM Run - 6.77 mi - 7;40 pace - 143 avg hr

I got my run in a litte earlier today, but not early enough. It is getting hot quick.
Tues PM Run - 5.1 mi - 8:23 pace - 134 avg
World of Bee run - easy

Mon Run - 9.12 mi - 7:50 pace - 143 avg hr

steady run i the heat of the day - summer is on high

Sun Run - 14.2 mi - 9.43 pace - 141 avg hr

HEAT and HUMIDITY and my run became a walk for the last 2 miles 

Last week: Run 60.8 mi (0 rest day) last month 281.53 mi last year 2,670.88 mi 


bike yr: 143.56 mi          

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BrainInjury #TBI #running #training #healing #politics #liberal #democratic #triathlons #UltraRunning #vegan #athletes #blogging #Google #Blogger #rants #howls #peace #love #WorldOfBeer #Beer #Facebook #marathon #PlantPower #liberal #secular #atheist #LeftWingPolitics #democratic #fitness #health #PlantBasedNutrition 
#traumatic #
BrainInjury #TBI #running #training #healing #politics #liberal #democratic #triathlons #UltraRunning #vegan #athletes #blogging #Google #Blogger #rants #howls #peace #love #WorldOfBeer #Beer #Facebook #marathon #PlantPower #liberal #secular #atheist #LeftWingPolitics #democratic #fitness #health #PlantBasedNutrition 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

MyHowl - June 7 >13


The week started off well. but my run on Wednesday turned painful after about .5 miles and I walked 3.5 miles home. My chest remained painful all night and into the morning so I took yesterday completely off. I feel a little better this morning and may take the bike out or try an easy jog. The chest pain that I have been feeling appears to be a muscle pull and not heart related. It is scary though since the pain crosses my heart and seems to be located in that region. My feeling is that it is definitely an exercise induced muscle pull. In any case, I probably needed the rest and hopefully my training will regain its intensity this week.


I decided to run with the intention of holding back the pace; no expectations. If pain returned, I would walk back home. I didn't need to. I managed 11 miles at just under an 8:00 per mile pace. The plan is to not push it until the muscles are completely pain free (even at rest). This one frightens me.


The revolution continues. +Bernie Sanders draws growing crowds at every public engagement. The recent straw poll in Wisconsin indicates that Bernie's image size is growing in the rear view mirror of the Hillary Clinton campaign (who I do support). Stay informed of his rebel strategies at his new online campaign journal: Democracy Daily; a place for the public to learn who Bernie is, what he stands for and his policies are discussed in real time. It is becoming clear that Bernie is a candidate for the people and his message will be heard in spite of the main stream media and its near blackout of the Bernie Sanders movement which cannot be bought by Wall Street, PAC (political action committee's). or the billionaire class. A truly underground swell of support and small monetary donations by middle class Americans. The excitement keeps growing!


LSD on the Heap continued today. I am enjoying this weekly tradition of running at Broward County's reclaimed garbage facility, now a public park; Vista View. This trail is not challenging, but when I focus, I can get a decent amount of elevation gain.


Training this week: Run 60.8 mi  (0 rest day)

Sat Run - 11.08 mi - 1:28:25 - 7:59 pace - 137 avg hr

Yay me. I took a chance an ran easy but well. I really never pushed the pace and the chest pain didn't return today.
Fri Rest
Still a lot of chest pain; so I took the day off. I am pretty sure that it is a pulled muscle (not heart related), but the pain is speaking and I am listening. 

Thurs Run/walk - 4.11 mi - 15:10 pace

I ran the 1st 1/2 mile and then walked as I experienced chest/muscle pain. 

Wed Run - 6.72 mi - 7.49 pace 143 avg hr

Recovery run with some 400 and 800 meter tempos to break it up

Tues PM Run - 5.21 mi - 8:15 pace 118 avg hr
Run club at World of Beer. Steady pace.
Tuesday AM Run -15.26 mi - 9:02 pace 131 avg hr

LSD in brutal heat and humidity today

Monday Run - 8.27 mi - 7:42 pace - 131 avg hr

Early morning run at a better pace

Sun Run - 10.15 mi - 9.10 pace - 131 avg hr

Trail run at the trash heap with +1500' of elevation gain. I ran at an easy pace and tried to find as much uphill as possible. Unfortunately my Garmin is not uploading and I can't get the actual elevation gain. Last week was above 1500' and I think I would have climbed higher today. Bummer. 

Last week: Run 74.03 mi (0 rest day) last month 281.53 mi last year 2,670.88 mi 


bike yr: 20.28 mi          

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BrainInjury #TBI #running #training #healing #politics #liberal #democratic #triathlons #UltraRunning #vegan #athletes #blogging #Google #Blogger #rants #howls #peace #love #WorldOfBeer #Beer #Facebook #marathon #PlantPower #liberal #secular #atheist #LeftWingPolitics #democratic #fitness #health #PlantBasedNutrition 
#traumatic #
BrainInjury #TBI #running #training #healing #politics #liberal #democratic #triathlons #UltraRunning #vegan #athletes #blogging #Google #Blogger #rants #howls #peace #love #WorldOfBeer #Beer #Facebook #marathon #PlantPower #liberal #secular #atheist #LeftWingPolitics #democratic #fitness #health #PlantBasedNutrition