Time to run

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Two-Week Marathon Taper

So yesterday's run was the start of my two week marathon taper. I feel guilty tapering because I didn't do any 20 mile training runs and this makes me feel cheap. The reality is my volume is very good and I cannot cram miles in during this phase. I found a 2 week taper plan online by a former sub 2:20 marathon runner (training for a 2:56 marathon as an older runner). I'm going to follow this plan leading up to the race and hopefully I will arrive fresh and will run the best race that I currently can.

A two-week marathon taper schedule

Courtesy of Pete Marsh
Sun 13m steady
Mon 4m easy or rest
Tue 4x2,000m on the track (80%)
Wed 4m easy or rest
Fri 8m tempo (above race pace by 40sec a mile)
Sat rest
Sun 10m easy
Mon 4m easy or rest
Tue 2/3x2,000m on the track (steady)
Wed 4m easy
Thur 4m easy or rest
Fri rest
Sat rest (but I snuck out for a 2m jog in race gear)

yep, this is what I will do.  I will follow this plan and run the best race that I can.
Run - 52:00 - 6.1 miles - 8:31 pace - 120 avg hr
Into my active recovery plan. I didn't get out until 6 pm tonight - kept it easy and never looked at my pace on my Garmin. I felt sluggish, but I am glad I got out and ran.