Time to run

Friday, January 16, 2015

A1A Marathon

Run - 52:13 - 6.83 miles -  7:38 per mile pace - 136 avg HR
Ran  a little shorter and a lot better today than last night. I will start coming around.
Well I did it, I signed up for my second race of 2015. The A1A Marathon. I ran it last year (3:23:04 - 4th AG - and Boston qualified). Even though it was more than 30 minutes slower than my all time fastest marathon, it was my fastest post-traumatic brain injury marathon by a lot. I do not know if I am or will be marathon ready for this race because I do not have a lot of prep time, but my general fitness and my running pace has improved. I will need to squeeze a few longer runs in over the next few weeks and hope that I can run this race on guts. Whatever, if I just remind myself that it is a long supported training day, I should be fine. -
Run - 1:15:00 - 8.2 miles -  9:09 per mile pace - 119 avg HR
Fort Lauderdale Road Runners run club. I had nothing tonight. Luckily, I started early to avoid running with the fast group (like last weeks sub 7 min per mile pace), and ran a little further than what I had intended; but slow.
Picked Mimi up from the airport - she has been working in Jacksonville for a few days. Randy's training is going spectacularly - He heals great, sit, stays, lay downs, catches treats off his nose, and today, learned how to shake. I love the munchkin.