Time to run

Monday, January 12, 2015

Feeling lazy today

Well, I need to get it going today but my start has been slow. My mind is tired and it is telling me that my legs should be tired too. They are not, but I can't get started. I think I will take randy for a walk and then have some lunch, relax and change my watch. Generally when the dive watch comes off and the Garmin goes on, my tee, shorts and shoes follow and I am out the door. Randy? I better go wake him up.
Well, I just got back from taking Mimi too the airport - bye-bye-baby... and I am going to rest my running sticks today. After last months over-use injury, I am going to train smartish.  I am from the school of more is better but when you miss multiple days due to an injury, its time to think. Thinking is hard.