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Sunday, May 3, 2015

MyHowl - May 3 > May 9

Ah...  just one week until The Keys 50 and I have trained well - I think. My total running mileage this year is over 1200 and I have been averaging about 75 miles per week. My race times are faster this year than last too. Now it's time to concentrate on preparing myself mentally and physically for the heat of the Florida Keys. 

I had a great week running. I logged about 90 miles even though the week included 1 full rest day. I feel good physically and I will begin a subtle taper now.
I am happy about my training yesterday. I needed some substantial time on my feet. I ended up running over 25 miles total. I managed over 20 in the morning and added another 5 at the Runners Depot run club in the evening. If anything, my confidence is lifted. 

I continued the long run fever with another 15.11 miles this morning. My legs felt yesterdays effort and that was my intention. I wanted to run a longish run today on tired legs and maintain what I hope is my race pace next week.

Crunch time now. Exactly two weeks until The Keys 50. I don't really know how to train for ultra races but I have put in a lot of miles. I think I am at least as prepared as I was for last years race. I have a lot of miles logged and now it is time for me to wrap my brain around it and trust my training.


Training (this week: Run 88.95 mi)
Sat Run 2:09:05 - 15.11 mi 121 avg hr
Back to back to back long runs . 7 minutes faster than yesterday.
Fri Run 2:16:28 - 15.11 mi - 120 avg hr
Back to back long runs - pretty slow today, but near my anticipated race pace for next week
Thurs AM Run 2:5706 - 20.12 mi - 8:48 pace - 127 avg hr
Long run - probably my last long run before the Keys 50. Pretty much a steady pace. 
Thurs PM Run 41:06 - 5.14 mi - 7:59 pace - 121 avg hr
Runners Depot club run
Wed rest
Tue Run 1:34:03 - 12.21 mi 
Good run at a steady pace
Mon Run 1:24:30 - 11.1 mi - 7:42 pace 127 avg hr
Good morning run  in Ocala, FL wit some tempo
Sun Run 1:35:203 - 10.161 mi - 9:21 pace - 109 avg hr
Trail run with rolling hills. About 400' of elevation gain.
Last week (0 rest day): Run 82.21 mi last month 318.92 mi last year 2,670.88 mi

bike yr: 20.28 mi
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

MyHowl - Apr 26 > May 2

I am happy to report that I managed 318.92 running miles in April. My two month pre race training total has averaged over 75 miles per week. This is a great amount for me. Even in my pre TBI 'fast years' I rarely ran more than 60 miles in a week. So as May begins I will begin a preparing for two races. May 16 is my return to The Keys 50 and May 24 is the Vermont City Marathon. I am nervous but it will be interesting to see how far my recovery has come. I think my training is on schedule and I should trust my training and lift my confidence. As for the 50 mile race, I will have to race smart. Hydration and fueling is going to be paramount. If I keep my pace controlled for the first half of the race, my chances of improving upon my finish time will be increased. My nature is to start too fast and keeping myself in check will be difficult. I don't have any expectations in the Marathon. I will not try to improve on last months A1A marathon time of 3:16:24 but I do hope that my tired legs will allow me to improve on last years time of 3:36:38.
I am very excited that Bernie Sanders is running for president of the United States. Although I will support Hillary Clinton, I know that Bernie's voice is one of political truth and the American public needs to hear his wisdom. Both parties will be called out with Bernie in the race. I know his nomination is unlikely at best, but I stand behind him. My dream ticket (a formidable one too) would be one that included Elizabeth Warren. 

The month is winding down. April has been my last full month of training before I embark on my journey to Key West. Today's run will push me past 300 miles logged (following last months 297); so although April will fall way short of my miles logged this month in 2014, this years training total is far ahead of last years pace. So overall, along with my improved race times, I am as ready as I can be. However, I still feel the need for 1 or 2 long runs in the 3 hour range and I hope to manage those. Other than that - it remains to be seen  if I have what it takes to finish again; ideally by about 40 minutes faster.

Down to 3 weeks until I run the The Keys 50 Ultra race.  This week will be a solid - typical training week, then I will taper down over the two weeks leading into the race. I will still run a lot but more rest will be included. I don't want to put the flame out before the race. I just want to be prepared, uninjured and ready. Well, ready is relative. Last year I may have had a better overall build up leading into the race (mileage wise), but my race times are faster this year so hopefully I am ready. Still, I don't feel very confident.

Training (this week: Run 82.21 mi)
Sat Run 2:22:05 - 17.1 mi - 8:18 pace 126 avg hr
good run; especially first ten miles and then a gradual slow down
Fri Run 1:02:25 - 8.41 mi - 7:25 pace - 136 avg hr

Good run with some tempo
Thurs Run 2:34:00 - 16.1 mi - 9:33 pace 122 avg hr
I got out the door early today (6:15 AM) - decent distance
Wed Run 45:26 - 5.29 mi - 8:35 pace - 121 avg hr
Recovery jog
Tues AM Run 1:03:06 - 8.16 mi - 7:43 pace - 132 avg hr
Morning jog out at Vista View. I stayed off the hills and just ran steady in the flats today.
Tues PM Run 48:16 - 6.26 mi - 7:42 pace - 123 avg hr
Word of Beer club run
Mon 1:18:05 = 9.17 mi - 8:30 pace - 139 avg hr
2nd day in a row of record Florida heat for April - I am wiped out
Sun Run 2:00:16 - 11.72 mi - 10:21 pace - 119 avg hr
We got to the heap at 7 am to avoid the 95 degree heat foretasted for today. I ended up climbing 900 feet according to my Garmin. Slow and steady.
Last week (1 rest day): Run 78.89 mi last month 318.92 mi last year 2,670.88 mi

bike yr: 20.28 mi
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Friday, April 24, 2015

As a vegan, I a cannot count how many times I have heard the comment about protein and/or lack of it. As the picture clearly demonstrates both of these world class athletes do not appear to be protein deficient.   

Sunday, April 19, 2015

MyHowl - Apr 19 > 25 (4 weeks)



Exactly 4 weeks until I run the The Keys 50 Ultra race.  Today was a travel day back from Tampa so it was a good day to embrace a needed rest day. I feel good and I am ready to run some extended training efforts and ensure that I am as prepared as I can be. Time to train smart!

Training (week total: Run 78.89 mi)
Sat Run 2:20:07 - 15.07 mi - 9:14 pace - 131 avg hr
Hot as hell out there today. I ran this run at around the pace I hope to maintain next month at The Keys 50
Fri Run 1:04:30 - 8.25 mi - 7:49 pace - 139 avg hr

Steady pace on the Royal Palm route
Thurs Run 2:00:20 - 1.42 mi - 10:32 pace - 123 avg hr
Trash heap - hot as hell - I had nothing
Wed Run 1:37:30 - 11.73 mi - 8:19 pace - 137 avg hr
Tues Run AM 1:20:00 - 8.1 mi 9:50 pace
Trail run at the trash heap. I managed 650' of elevation gain at a slow recovery pace in the rain.
Tues Run PM 58:00 - 7.1 mi - 8:10 pace - 123 avg hr
World of Beer run club
Mon Run - 2:27:00 - 17.14 mi - 8:34 pace - 133 avg hr
Good training day: ran 17.13 miles in 2:27:00 - in a balmy SoFla temperature of 94 degrees with 90 percent humidity. When will I learn to run in the early morning instead of the middle of the day?
Sun - travel and rest
Last week (0 rest day): run 80.76 mi  last month 296.78 mi  last year 2,670.88 mi

bike yr: 20.28 mi
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BrainInjury #TBI #running #training #healing #politics #liberal #democratic #triathlons #UltraRunning #vegan #athletes #blogging #Google #Blogger #rants #howls #peace #love #WorldOfBeer #Beer #Facebook #marathon #PlantPower #liberal #secular #atheist #LeftWingPolitics #democratic #fitness #health #PlantBasedNutrition 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I have increased my running volume substantially this year and my average tempo as well. Since I adopted a vegan diet, the post traumatic brain injury weight gain has slowly decreased. My race times have reflected this and I will be the runner I remember soon. The Keys 50 is just over a month away and I am looking forward to the test. 

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

MyHowl - Apr 12 > 18

The one month countdown until The Keys 50 Ultra race begins. It is real, now. I hope to get in at least 1 to 2 more long runs of 3 to 4 hours. Even though I have a decent marathon and 50K in the books during my recent training, I fear that I am under-trained. My overall volume is good, but I don't think that I have enough individual runs of 3 hours (20+ miles). On the positive, If I maintain my current pace, I will eclipse 3000 miles in 2015 (a personal record).  In fact April is off to a great start with over 150 miles logged in the first 15 days. My typical tempo pace has been improving too. My focus now is to pay attention to my diet and hopefully to lose a couple of pounds before race day. My intent is to really pay attention to my total calorie consumption and to drastically reduce/limit my alcoholic tenancies. Ideally, I'd like to take 40 minutes off last years time and slip below the 9 hour mark. Doable but unlikely. Of course, the next few weeks of training are critical. I must remain diligent and sustain my focus.

Got the week off to a good start. Even though I waited until lunch with 89 temps, high humidity day and with winds around 12-14 mph, I had a solid run. Yesterday's long run had me feeling pretty tired this morning and I couldn't get going. I was intending to run hills at the trash heap, but Mimi is out of town and her Uncle Fra didn't come by. As it turned out I ran the first 3 miles in 21 minutes including a 6:43 on mile 2. Before my TBI I didn't think about sub 7's as a big deal but now I do as I have only recorded a few dozen since I broke my brain. 

-Training (week total: Run 80.76 mi)
Sat Run - 1:06:29 - 8.14 mi - 8:10 pace
In St. Petersburg - pre-concert run

Fri Run - 1:10:29 - 8.4 mi - 8:23 pace - 136 avg hr
The 91 degree heat and humidity caught up to me after mile 5 today.
Thurs AM 1:03:00 - 7.71 mi - 8:10 pace - 137 avg hr
Tried no focus on form today and not speed. This seemed to work as the first 4 miles went smoothly and my pace was excellent. Unfortunately, when passing some people on the trail I went down hard. I slowly got up and walked it off and ran again. My pace slowed but I managed to get my hour in. 550' of elevation gain today.
Thurs PM 1:05:00 - 7.89 mi - 8:14 pace - 136 avg hr
Runners Depot run - yep, I got lost again
Wed Run 1:01:00 7.13 mi 8:33 pace 127 avg hr
Easy jog on tired lets at noon and yes it was H O T !
Tue Run AM - 1:04:00 - 7.25 mi - 8:58 pace - 138 avg hr
Trail run with 625' of elevation gain at the trash heap
Run PM - 41:19 - 5.4 mi - 7:39 pace - 137 avg hr
World of Beer run
Mon Run 1:46:00 - 12.38 mi - 8:33 pace -139
What is wrong with me? Oh that is right - I have a brain damage. I can run at any time of the day, but I choose noon again. Wicked hot and humid!

Sun Run 1:02:00 - 8:44 mi - 7:20 pace - 145 avg hr
Good run on tired legs - with some tempo (long run yesterday)-

Last week:
(1 rest day): Run 64.52 mi - last month: 296.78 mi - last year: 2,670.88 mi
bike yr: 20.28 mi
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

MyHowl - Apr 5 > 11

Its just another sleepless night - everything is fine. I've been awake for 2.5 hour (it is 4:30 am). I don't understand why sleep comes fast and leaves me even faster, but I can only say that it must be TBI related. A night of full sleep is something I just don't have a memory of anymore.

Today I hope to run a little bit longer than I have. My tolerance of the heat and humidity has been marginal and my fuel/fluid intake very suspect. I do need to get some extended time on my feet. I will. 
Well, I got out there and ran pretty well for the first 10 miles. I started to fade so I called it at 17 miles. 2.5 hours is pretty good, but I wanted to get 3 hours in today I'l take it, as earlier in the week I was walking in a 12 miler.


Well, I was a jerk last night. We went to The World of Beer run club last night and after our run, we drank some beers with our friends. I don't remember why exactly anymore (but it was important at the time), and I was pissed off about and something or I was offended by something or Mimi was just not nice to me or something. Boy oh boy was I fired up! Yeah, I was a jerk and I slept where jerks often do. The couch. Yeah, I proved how pissed off I was and I sure made it clear how important my feelings are. Oh don't push me because if you do, I won't sleep in bed with you - that's right, piss this jerk off and see where I sleep!
What is wrong with me? This down-n-outer is a flunkee. 


Well today is another Christian holiday that I will not be celebrating... Instead I got in a trail run with Mimi and Fra. Most of my people do hunt for eggs and such, so I will too. We are having a vegan pizza party with chocolate chip cookies and ice cold Milwaukee beer. Note: on the Way to Vista View for our run this morning, I spied a lady driving down the highway (to church I guess) and she was wearing a hat. Not just any hat but some antique Easter bonnet. WOW! Maybe people sported stuff like that on those old TV shows like Little House on the Prairie - but that was set in the 1800's. Was I hallucinating again?
-Training (week total: Run 64.52 mi Bike 22.74 mi)
Sat Run 2:31 - 17.05 mi - 8:51 pace - 132 avg hr
I faded pretty bad after mile 10. I am disappointed but I will take it.

Fri Run 1:05:01 - 8.23 mi - 7:54 pace - 132 avg hr
Really hot and humid - late afternoon run

Thur AM Run 1:37:00 - 11.26 mi - 8:37 pace - 126 avg hr
Steady jog with an easy start and a gradual build on the second half of run.
Thur PM Run 43:00 - 5.24 mi - 8:12 pace - 119 avg hr
Runners Depot run - Yay, I didn't end up lost again.
Wed Rest
Tue AM Run 1:07:09 - 9.1 mi - 7:42 pace  - 137 avg hr
Trail run at the trash heap - 620' elevation gain - good run, yesterdays ride/rest day from running seemed to be just what I needed
Tue PM Run 39:31 - 5.14 mi - 7:41 pace - 128 avg hr
World of Beer run. I had too much to drink post run. I may be a jerk, too.
Mon Bike 1:06:23 - 20.28 mi - 18.3 avg mph - 116 avg hr
My first bike ride of the year. I don't know what took me so long. I rode the fixie today.  
Sun Run 1:16:00 - 8.5 mi - 9:08 pace
Trail run at the trash heap with about 550 feet of elevation gain.

Last week:
(0 rest day): Run 80.93 mi - last month: 296.78 mi - last year: 2,670.88 mi
bike yr: 20.28 mi
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