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Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Its just another sleepless night - everything is fine. I've been awake for 2.5 hour (it is 4:30 am). I don't understand why sleep comes fast and leaves me even faster, but I can only say that it must be TBI related. A night of full sleep is something I just don't have a memory of anymore.

Today I hope to run a little bit longer than I have. My tolerance of the heat and humidity has been marginal and my fuel/fluid intake very suspect. I do need to get some extended time on my feet. I will. 
Well, I got out there and ran pretty well for the first 10 miles. I started to fade so I called it at 17 miles. 2.5 hours is pretty good, but I wanted to get 3 hours in today I'l take it, as earlier in the week I was walking in a 12 miler.


Well, I was a jerk last night. We went to The World of Beer run club last night and after our run, we drank some beers with our friends. I don't remember why exactly anymore (but it was important at the time), and I was pissed off about and something or I was offended by something or Mimi was just not nice to me or something. Boy oh boy was I fired up! Yeah, I was a jerk and I slept where jerks often do. The couch. Yeah, I proved how pissed off I was and I sure made it clear how important my feelings are. Oh don't push me because if you do, I won't sleep in bed with you - that's right, piss this jerk off and see where I sleep!
What is wrong with me? This down-n-outer is a flunkee. 


Well today is another Christian holiday that I will not be celebrating... Instead I got in a trail run with Mimi and Fra. Most of my people do hunt for eggs and such, so I will too. We are having a vegan pizza party with chocolate chip cookies and ice cold Milwaukee beer. Note: on the Way to Vista View for our run this morning, I spied a lady driving down the highway (to church I guess) and she was wearing a hat. Not just any hat but some antique Easter bonnet. WOW! Maybe people sported stuff like that on those old TV shows like Little House on the Prairie - but that was set in the 1800's. Was I hallucinating again?
-Training (week total: Run 64.52 mi Bike 22.74 mi)
Sat Run 2:31 - 17.05 mi - 8:51 pace - 132 avg hr
I faded pretty bad after mile 10. I am disappointed but I will take it.

Fri Run 1:05:01 - 8.23 mi - 7:54 pace - 132 avg hr
Really hot and humid - late afternoon run

Thur AM Run 1:37:00 - 11.26 mi - 8:37 pace - 126 avg hr
Steady jog with an easy start and a gradual build on the second half of run.
Thur PM Run 43:00 - 5.24 mi - 8:12 pace - 119 avg hr
Runners Depot run - Yay, I didn't end up lost again.
Wed Rest
Tue AM Run 1:07:09 - 9.1 mi - 7:42 pace  - 137 avg hr
Trail run at the trash heap - 620' elevation gain - good run, yesterdays ride/rest day from running seemed to be just what I needed
Tue PM Run 39:31 - 5.14 mi - 7:41 pace - 128 avg hr
World of Beer run. I had too much to drink post run. I may be a jerk, too.
Mon Bike 1:06:23 - 20.28 mi - 18.3 avg mph - 116 avg hr
My first bike ride of the year. I don't know what took me so long. I rode the fixie today.  
Sun Run 1:16:00 - 8.5 mi - 9:08 pace
Trail run at the trash heap with about 550 feet of elevation gain.

Last week:
(0 rest day): Run 80.93 mi - last month: 296.78 mi - last year: 2,670.88 mi
bike yr: 20.28 mi
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