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Sunday, April 12, 2015

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The one month countdown until The Keys 50 Ultra race begins. It is real, now. I hope to get in at least 1 to 2 more long runs of 3 to 4 hours. Even though I have a decent marathon and 50K in the books during my recent training, I fear that I am under-trained. My overall volume is good, but I don't think that I have enough individual runs of 3 hours (20+ miles). On the positive, If I maintain my current pace, I will eclipse 3000 miles in 2015 (a personal record).  In fact April is off to a great start with over 150 miles logged in the first 15 days. My typical tempo pace has been improving too. My focus now is to pay attention to my diet and hopefully to lose a couple of pounds before race day. My intent is to really pay attention to my total calorie consumption and to drastically reduce/limit my alcoholic tenancies. Ideally, I'd like to take 40 minutes off last years time and slip below the 9 hour mark. Doable but unlikely. Of course, the next few weeks of training are critical. I must remain diligent and sustain my focus.

Got the week off to a good start. Even though I waited until lunch with 89 temps, high humidity day and with winds around 12-14 mph, I had a solid run. Yesterday's long run had me feeling pretty tired this morning and I couldn't get going. I was intending to run hills at the trash heap, but Mimi is out of town and her Uncle Fra didn't come by. As it turned out I ran the first 3 miles in 21 minutes including a 6:43 on mile 2. Before my TBI I didn't think about sub 7's as a big deal but now I do as I have only recorded a few dozen since I broke my brain. 

-Training (week total: Run 80.76 mi)
Sat Run - 1:06:29 - 8.14 mi - 8:10 pace
In St. Petersburg - pre-concert run

Fri Run - 1:10:29 - 8.4 mi - 8:23 pace - 136 avg hr
The 91 degree heat and humidity caught up to me after mile 5 today.
Thurs AM 1:03:00 - 7.71 mi - 8:10 pace - 137 avg hr
Tried no focus on form today and not speed. This seemed to work as the first 4 miles went smoothly and my pace was excellent. Unfortunately, when passing some people on the trail I went down hard. I slowly got up and walked it off and ran again. My pace slowed but I managed to get my hour in. 550' of elevation gain today.
Thurs PM 1:05:00 - 7.89 mi - 8:14 pace - 136 avg hr
Runners Depot run - yep, I got lost again
Wed Run 1:01:00 7.13 mi 8:33 pace 127 avg hr
Easy jog on tired lets at noon and yes it was H O T !
Tue Run AM - 1:04:00 - 7.25 mi - 8:58 pace - 138 avg hr
Trail run with 625' of elevation gain at the trash heap
Run PM - 41:19 - 5.4 mi - 7:39 pace - 137 avg hr
World of Beer run
Mon Run 1:46:00 - 12.38 mi - 8:33 pace -139
What is wrong with me? Oh that is right - I have a brain damage. I can run at any time of the day, but I choose noon again. Wicked hot and humid!

Sun Run 1:02:00 - 8:44 mi - 7:20 pace - 145 avg hr
Good run on tired legs - with some tempo (long run yesterday)-

Last week:
(1 rest day): Run 64.52 mi - last month: 296.78 mi - last year: 2,670.88 mi
bike yr: 20.28 mi
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