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Sunday, April 26, 2015

MyHowl - Apr 26 > May 2

I am happy to report that I managed 318.92 running miles in April. My two month pre race training total has averaged over 75 miles per week. This is a great amount for me. Even in my pre TBI 'fast years' I rarely ran more than 60 miles in a week. So as May begins I will begin a preparing for two races. May 16 is my return to The Keys 50 and May 24 is the Vermont City Marathon. I am nervous but it will be interesting to see how far my recovery has come. I think my training is on schedule and I should trust my training and lift my confidence. As for the 50 mile race, I will have to race smart. Hydration and fueling is going to be paramount. If I keep my pace controlled for the first half of the race, my chances of improving upon my finish time will be increased. My nature is to start too fast and keeping myself in check will be difficult. I don't have any expectations in the Marathon. I will not try to improve on last months A1A marathon time of 3:16:24 but I do hope that my tired legs will allow me to improve on last years time of 3:36:38.
I am very excited that Bernie Sanders is running for president of the United States. Although I will support Hillary Clinton, I know that Bernie's voice is one of political truth and the American public needs to hear his wisdom. Both parties will be called out with Bernie in the race. I know his nomination is unlikely at best, but I stand behind him. My dream ticket (a formidable one too) would be one that included Elizabeth Warren. 

The month is winding down. April has been my last full month of training before I embark on my journey to Key West. Today's run will push me past 300 miles logged (following last months 297); so although April will fall way short of my miles logged this month in 2014, this years training total is far ahead of last years pace. So overall, along with my improved race times, I am as ready as I can be. However, I still feel the need for 1 or 2 long runs in the 3 hour range and I hope to manage those. Other than that - it remains to be seen  if I have what it takes to finish again; ideally by about 40 minutes faster.

Down to 3 weeks until I run the The Keys 50 Ultra race.  This week will be a solid - typical training week, then I will taper down over the two weeks leading into the race. I will still run a lot but more rest will be included. I don't want to put the flame out before the race. I just want to be prepared, uninjured and ready. Well, ready is relative. Last year I may have had a better overall build up leading into the race (mileage wise), but my race times are faster this year so hopefully I am ready. Still, I don't feel very confident.

Training (this week: Run 82.21 mi)
Sat Run 2:22:05 - 17.1 mi - 8:18 pace 126 avg hr
good run; especially first ten miles and then a gradual slow down
Fri Run 1:02:25 - 8.41 mi - 7:25 pace - 136 avg hr

Good run with some tempo
Thurs Run 2:34:00 - 16.1 mi - 9:33 pace 122 avg hr
I got out the door early today (6:15 AM) - decent distance
Wed Run 45:26 - 5.29 mi - 8:35 pace - 121 avg hr
Recovery jog
Tues AM Run 1:03:06 - 8.16 mi - 7:43 pace - 132 avg hr
Morning jog out at Vista View. I stayed off the hills and just ran steady in the flats today.
Tues PM Run 48:16 - 6.26 mi - 7:42 pace - 123 avg hr
Word of Beer club run
Mon 1:18:05 = 9.17 mi - 8:30 pace - 139 avg hr
2nd day in a row of record Florida heat for April - I am wiped out
Sun Run 2:00:16 - 11.72 mi - 10:21 pace - 119 avg hr
We got to the heap at 7 am to avoid the 95 degree heat foretasted for today. I ended up climbing 900 feet according to my Garmin. Slow and steady.
Last week (1 rest day): Run 78.89 mi last month 318.92 mi last year 2,670.88 mi

bike yr: 20.28 mi
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