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Sunday, May 3, 2015

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Ah...  just one week until The Keys 50 and I have trained well - I think. My total running mileage this year is over 1200 and I have been averaging about 75 miles per week. My race times are faster this year than last too. Now it's time to concentrate on preparing myself mentally and physically for the heat of the Florida Keys. 

I had a great week running. I logged about 90 miles even though the week included 1 full rest day. I feel good physically and I will begin a subtle taper now.
I am happy about my training yesterday. I needed some substantial time on my feet. I ended up running over 25 miles total. I managed over 20 in the morning and added another 5 at the Runners Depot run club in the evening. If anything, my confidence is lifted. 

I continued the long run fever with another 15.11 miles this morning. My legs felt yesterdays effort and that was my intention. I wanted to run a longish run today on tired legs and maintain what I hope is my race pace next week.

Crunch time now. Exactly two weeks until The Keys 50. I don't really know how to train for ultra races but I have put in a lot of miles. I think I am at least as prepared as I was for last years race. I have a lot of miles logged and now it is time for me to wrap my brain around it and trust my training.


Training (this week: Run 88.95 mi)
Sat Run 2:09:05 - 15.11 mi 121 avg hr
Back to back to back long runs . 7 minutes faster than yesterday.
Fri Run 2:16:28 - 15.11 mi - 120 avg hr
Back to back long runs - pretty slow today, but near my anticipated race pace for next week
Thurs AM Run 2:5706 - 20.12 mi - 8:48 pace - 127 avg hr
Long run - probably my last long run before the Keys 50. Pretty much a steady pace. 
Thurs PM Run 41:06 - 5.14 mi - 7:59 pace - 121 avg hr
Runners Depot club run
Wed rest
Tue Run 1:34:03 - 12.21 mi 
Good run at a steady pace
Mon Run 1:24:30 - 11.1 mi - 7:42 pace 127 avg hr
Good morning run  in Ocala, FL wit some tempo
Sun Run 1:35:203 - 10.161 mi - 9:21 pace - 109 avg hr
Trail run with rolling hills. About 400' of elevation gain.
Last week (0 rest day): Run 82.21 mi last month 318.92 mi last year 2,670.88 mi

bike yr: 20.28 mi
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