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Sunday, May 10, 2015

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So I did not finish today. At about mile 21 I made a decision to quit despite being in 6th place overall (3:30 into the day). The heat was too intense and I was already in survival mode. I couldn't/wouldn't torture myself endlessly today. I had mixed feelings about quitting but the price that I would have had to pay was too much. I am running a marathon next week and to hopefully save myself for one good race, I decided to make a choice. I'm glad that I did too. The conditions were so severe and I was definitely not alone in the DNF category. I was on pace to have a solid race, but my time goal would have been impossible and knowing that I want to run well next week made my choice easier. 
On a positive note, Sam Horowitz found an unbelievable will  and finished. I am humbled by his talent and drive. Yesterday was his day and I glow with pride. 

It is 4 am and predictably I cannot sleep. I managed 5 solid hours so that is pretty good. I spent a lot of nervous energy worrying about this race and now its just a few short hours away. I cannot tell myself enough, start at a slow and slow down., fuel early and often , stay positive and enjoy the day. I have done the work - I am ready.
PM (8:55) We Got to Marathon Key early this afternoon. After settling in we had a pasta dinner. My water consumption has been excellent today and I am feeling extremely restless. Mimi left Coral Springs at around 7 and should roll in before 10:39 pm. My pacer from last years race, Sam Horowitz, is physically and mentally prepared to complete the 50 mile trek. I am pulling for him too. However, my focus is personal. Gear is arranged for a simple morning departure. Sign-in is shortly before our mandatory pre race meeting at around 9 am - The start is at 10:00. The weather looks favorable (mid/high 80's) with winds from the east between 10 -20 miles per hour. hopefully the wind is a cross wind and not an head wind. I really intend to start at a conservative pace. I would love to keep a steady pace and improve last years time. Whatever happens, finishing is goal one.
AM Driving to our beach pad near the Start of the race this morning. The race starts about 3 miles north of the 7 Mile Bridge. I may or may not run a few miles today with a few strides- I don't know. Mostly I need to just hydrate and prepare my head for the task at hand. I have a healthy respect for the distance and I am nervous and ready.

Happy Birthday to me - 50 years old an its okay. I feel fine. 

Today is a needed rest day from running. I feel unsettled because this puts limits on how much junk and booze that I can stuff into my pie hole on my lose the fat diet today. I suppose I will not drink anything more stiff than water. Its only 2:30 pm and to maintain my allotted caloric allowance I need to eat less than 600 calories. Or, I can just say screw it... hmm. Maybe I will drink coffee and take my dogs to the park. Yeah, I get bored, I eat, I stay bored, I drink, I get fat, I get angry, I get bored, I eat, I drink, I grow. Its an awful pattern for sure. But last night at the World of Beer run club, Darley's Angels said (unprompted) that I look like I have lost weight. Well that is music to my ears. Tomorrow I will put an honest run effort in, then Friday we drive to the beach pad. Golly gee, I am obsessing-fearing this race. I will be okay once I am running.

I am feeling the reality of The Keys 50 as race day quickly closes in. My 50th birthday is approaching even faster. I will be 50 in 2 days. Then the next day we drive to the Keys and settle into our beach pad, wake up and go run. - and run and run. I know at one point it sounded like the thing to do. I finished this race 1/2 tries (last year) - and it shouldn't be that extraordinary of a thing to do, right? Well, I am freaking out a bit. I feel great about my training and my running improvements but I am afraid. Yeah, I'm not a natural at this ultra running thingy. I have finished a few and DNF-d (did not finish) a few more. I like to run but the reality is, I like to run faster and shorter distance races. Unfortunately, I am not fast anymore (since my brain injury); and I fight. I think I originally signed up for the Leadville 100 in 2012 because after my hospitalization, I immediately hit the streets and began to run. I thought that by training for Leadville, my running sticks would come back to their pre TBI life. After all, it is what I did and remembered. However I couldn't run as I did. I went out every day at a 10:00 - 12:00 per mile pace. It angered me as a frequent sub 3:00 marathon runner. That winter while running I slipped on ice and broke my tibia and fibula requiring surgery and the insertion of titanium hardware throughout my leg. Another setback!  I couldn't run for months so I rode my bike a lot. This is a long story (that of my ongoing comeback) so I will jump ahead and leave it with, A traumatic brain injury is a massive destruction of the whole person. Everything is broken and has to be rebuilt. I am trying to prove that I can successfully return to a level of athletic performance that will belie both my injury and my advanced age. Over the past few years I have run multiple marathons in the 3:45 range (disappointingly). I have now dropped it down to 3:16 and have designs on a return to sub 3 hours. Today I am looking inside the belly of the beast. My 3rd attempt at the Keys 50. In 2013 I did not finish. I probably went out faster than my fitness level would allow and quit at mile 23. Not to mention that I was undoubtedly trying to do something a little soon in my recovery. In 2014 I had a successful race. I won my age group and finished 15th overall. This year it looks like great things are possible, but 50 miles is a long way and I will need to race smart. My pacer from last year, Samuel Jay Horwitz  is doing the race himself, so I will not have him to pace me. Mimi has arranged a great team to pace and crew for the race. I am very fortunate. Thank you, Mimi. I love you. 
6 days until race day. I boosted my training over the last two weeks and averaged 85 miles per week. I dd manage a few long runs including a back to back to back long day efforts. This week will be critical and rest days are essential. I intend to keep my legs firing with a few shorter quality runs and keep my nutrition and hydration focused. I am confident that I have put the miles in and I am running well. Based on my improved race times so far this year and my increased overall mileage, I am as ready as I can be. There is nothing to be gained by heavy training this week (yes, I am pep-talking me up); but plenty to lose. The goal is to keep my running sticks firing and to arrive to the starting line rested and ready.
I am excited about the upcoming Elliott Smith documentary that is scheduled for release. He is one of my all-time favorites and one of my favorite concert promotion memories... I booked him two times in Denver, CO and both shows failed miserably. On the plus side, we became friends.



Training this week: (1 rest day) Run 44.95 mi

Sat Run - 3:30:08 - 21.23 mi 9:54  pace
Keys 50 DNF
Fri rest - travel

Thur Run - 1:41:00 - 11.81 mi - 8:33 pace - 127 avg hr
easy pace 
Wed rest day - 50 mile run on Saturday.
Tues AM Run 1:14:05 - 9.25 mi - 8:00 pace - 140 avg hr
Good strong effort...
PM Run 41:29 - 5.34 mi - 7:46 pace - 126 avg hr
World of Beer club run
Mon Run 1:03:23 - 8.4 mi - 7:32 pace - 139 avg hr

Good steady run on the Royal Palm route 

Sun Run 1:17:23 - 10.15 mi - 7:37 pace - 139 avg hr
Good run today. Now its time to taper and rest up.

Last week (1 rest day): Run 88.95 mi last month 318.92 mi last year 2,670.88 mi 

bike yr: 20.28mi          

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#traumatic #
BrainInjury #TBI #running #training #healing #politics #liberal #democratic #triathlons #UltraRunning #vegan #athletes #blogging #Google #Blogger #rants #howls #peace #love #WorldOfBeer #Beer #Facebook #marathon #PlantPower #liberal #secular #atheist #LeftWingPolitics #democratic #fitness #health #PlantBasedNutrition