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Sunday, March 15, 2015

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Two rest days and I am almost ready to start moving again. I need to begin to refocus and decide whether or not I am going to run The Keys 50; I have run it 2 years in a row (I did not finish in 2013 but managed 15th overall 1st in age group in 2014). I would like to go back and see how I have progressed. Sort of a post TBI barometer. The problem is, I have to up my training now in order to be prepared for running 50 miles. I don't know...

I am getting closer to committing to a return to the Keys 50. The race is on May, 16; 2 days after I turn 50. I suppose doing it will be a profound statement as I enter a new age group and begin my life as a senior athlete. Hmm. I suppose I should get over myself and embrace it. It also symbolizes a demarcation that puts my past to rest - all of it. The successes and the pain (including my traumatic brain injury). It is time to see how far I can go now. Not to lament what I think that I have lost. Times are changing and times are getting better. After finishing the A1A Marathon and The Dances With Dirt 50K last month, I feel tired (although I am happy with my performance at both races). I have not felt enthusiastic about returning to that ultra race. 
In fact I have been rationalizing reasons why ultra running isn't for me and how it isn't making me any faster... Yeah, the truth is I need to return. And once I slow down my consumption of food/booze, lose some more weight; I will get faster. And to be completely honest, I am getting faster. I will find the money to enter the Keys 50. I simply need to wrap my coconut shell around this fact: I need to run the Keys 50 again.Saturday
A good week of training on tired legs. I did manage to take 3 days completely off and my recovery seems to be going well. This week should be back to normal and then the build for the Keys 50 shall begin.Saturday
I am glad that this week is over. I had some OK runs, but mostly I felt really tired despite 3 complete rest days. 


Sun Rest
Mon Rest 

Tues AM 3/10 Run 1:01:25 - 7.22 mi - 8:30 pace - 122 avg hr
Easy run to get the legs moving
Tue PM Run 37:42 - 4.0 miles - 9:25 pace - 108 avg hr

Wed Rest tired and lazy. I need to get my feeling back.
Thur AM Run - 9.12 mi - 1:18:26 - 8:36 per mile pace - 143 avg hr
Trail run with 700 feet of elevation gain @ the trash heap
Thur PM Run - 5.2 mi - 41:42 - 8:01 per mile pace - 132 avg hr
Runners Depot Run Club
Fri 3/13  Run - 6.74 mi - 51:36 - 7:39 per mile pace - 139 avg hr
I felt a little bit better today. Unfortunately our 3 week winter is about over; heat/humidity has started to return
Sat  Run 8.15 mi - 1:04:26 - 7:54 per mile pace - 142 avg hr
Steady effort 

Week total (3 rest days): 40.43 mi
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