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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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I love the primitive side of life... natural beauty just a few short steps from my front porch.

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My long-time buddy from Denver, Richard Samuel is coming to town today. I will have to adjust my training schedule in order to be a proper host for the next few days. It will be good fun to show South Florida to him.  

5:21 PM and I am still not out the door. I have been in bed most of the day; now I am pretending to want to get a short run in. Lets see...
> I DID IT! - I waited until nearly not running at all and somehow found a pocket of motivation and ran. I got in over 13 miles. Yesterday I ran longer (for 2 hrs) and only managed 10 miles, so this leaves me pleased.
On your mark, get set, go.... tough day. I am happy to have gotten out and I am happier to have gotten back in. 

Training (week total: 62.41 mi)
Fri Run 1:15:00 - 8.65 mi - 133 avg hr
Ran out at Deerfield Beech. Heavy headwind for the four miles back in.
Thur - AM Run 1:00:28 - 7.12 mi - 136 avg hr
Trail run at the trash heap. I charged the uphills. 
Thur - PM Run 41:00 5.2 mi - 131 avg hr
Runners Depot run.
Wed 6.71 mi - 7.27 pace - 147 avg hr
Short route - I have to head up to the West Palm Beach Airport to pick up my buddy. Good effort with some tempo bursts.
Tue AM 7.5 mi - 8.08 pace - 137 avg hr
Trash Heap - hills/550' elevation gain - good run
Tue PM Run 25:49 - 4.25 mi - 7:57 pace - 124 avg hr
World of Beer run club. I ran with Mark and Sam. Nice and short, but we picked up the tempo each mile. Sam was my pacer at the Keys 50 last year; he is racing it this year. I need to find a few pacers for this years race... takers?
Mon Run 1:57:00 - 13:23 mi - 9:50 pace - 126 avg hr
Much better today. I faded over the last few miles, but I ran a lot smoother than yesterday.Tue AM Run 1:01:1
Sun Run (trail/hills) 2:00:00 10.75 mi - 11:00 pace - 115 avg hr
It was rough for me out there today. I felt tired and slow and I couldn't shake the funk. It was hot and humid.

Last week: 40.43 mi - last month: 235.72 mi
 - last year: 2,670.88 mi
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