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Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Howl - Feb. 22- 28

Something new: 
Beginning this week I will not howl at you every single day about my training. I'm sure that it gets old (I do it for me mostly - to track my training progress). I will continue post random thoughts here, but as far as my training goes, I will only post a once a week summary - from today on; unless I race during the week (then probably an additional race report). Hopefully this will help keep my blog more interesting and your inbox less cluttered. I'm sure as I have been learning how to use Blogger, I have annoyed some of my friends/followers. This is certainly not my intention and I do not want to lose any of the those that do follow me ;-) - so S T A Y  and explore my space; please comment or email me and let me know how I am doing.

Sympathy card:
At times I probably come off as an ego-maniac and well, I probably am. But the truth is, as my healing continues, typing my thoughts, creating content and re-learning graphic design and stuff really advances my progress. So don't hate me, follow my blog, share it, comment and tell me I suck but mostly read my rants. Thank you. Living with a traumatic brain injury is hard - it is really hard and every single day I face new challenges to old problems. Sometimes I scream really loud, for unknown reasons and at random times. Poor, poor Mimi. She burdens so much more than she deserves to. I hope that she continues to let me stay...
Sun 2/22: Run - 2:00:00 - 12.85 miles - 10:10 Pace - 114 avg hr
Mon - Rest
Tue AM - 1:06:09 - 8.5 miles - 7.46 pace - 137 avg hr - 650' elevation gain
Trail run at Vista View trash heap. I ran strong and attacked the uphills. I am happy with my effort.
Tue PM - 42:30 - 5.5 miles - 7:43 pace
World of Beer fun run. I started easy and built my tempo through the finish.
Wed Run - 57:03 - 6.72 miles - 8:29 pace - 121 avg hr
Easy pace - trying to get my tired legs firing again
Thu AM Run - 1:00:09 - 6.41 miles - 9:23 pace - 118 avg hr

Very tired this morning - It was hot, humid and windy and my motor spurted thru this jog.
Thu PM Run - 42.34 - 5.27 miles - 7:41 pace - 130 avg hr
Runners Depot fun run
Fri Run - 52:28 - 7.14 miles - 7:20 pace - 135 avg hr
Good run with some temp; but pretty steady, actually.
Sat Run - 1:12:00 - 8.22 miles 8:45 pace 125 avg hr
Hot, humid and windy - very tired and slow; I felt like I was running uphill today. One of those runs that I am glad that I got out the door and did what I could. I was hoping to run a lot longer, but just couldn't get moving today.

Week Total (1 rest day): 59.61 miles

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Margaux Juniper is 4 months old!

Wed. 2/25
Oh, the happy days!

My Grand-baby, Margaux Juniper is 4 months old today... Wow-zee!

visit: Nico Berlin and Margaux Juniper (Family)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

B2B Long(er) runs - tired legs

25+ mile two day total; (back to back days). My legs are definitely feeling it since last weeks marathon. I will come up with a two week taper schedule leading up to Dances with Dirt Green Swamp 50k (Mar. 7th).

Run - 2:00:00 - 12.85 miles - 10:10 Pace - 114 avg hr

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Wild Route

I haven't run the wild route (via Wiles Rd in a while). It was a regular last year when I needed longer mileage routes. Decent run - heavy headwind made it difficult.

Run - 1:56:00 - 13.64 miles - 8:30 Pace - 121 avg hr

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tired today - bed is good.

I am tired today; still not fully recovered from Sunday's marathon. I ran well with some tempo, but cut it short. Today was a day of bed. Now vegan pizza and beer...

 Run - 37:15 - 5.26 miles - 7:04 Pace - 137 avg hr

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Signed up to race - Dances with Dirt 50K

Dances with Dirt Green Swamp 50K

No rest for Dick Dime. Right off the heels of the A1A Marathon, I have registered for another race. This time a bit longer (50K or about 31 miles). I ran it last year and got lost. I ran 38 miles total, so this year I hope to be focused and stay on course.
Run - 1:13:00 - 8.15 miles - 8:57 per mile - 120 avg. heart rate
Trash heap with 700' of verticle
Run - 53:30 - 6.5 miles - 8:13 per mile - 126 avg. heart rate
Fort Lauderdale Road Runners run club

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Urban Hipster Fashion Necessities

Sometimes no article of clothing is more appropriate for a job interview than this staple; the rock and roll concert t-shirt. It is important however, to wear authentic vintage t-shirts and not the cheesy reproductions that are littered at shopping malls in Every-town, USA. Aging relatives might still have some in their closets and garages. My advice is to raid all available and stored stash. You can look fantastic.

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Rest day
I decided to rest today. I took a day off after the marathon but ran pretty hard last night. Mimi says I should listen to my body (whatever that means); I feel lazy today. Is that my body talking to me? I am guessing it is telling me to rest again today.