Time to run

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wrap #9

Welcome to my twisted room of ramblings, recovery from a traumatic brain injury, athletic training, vegan eats, music sensations and social screams.
Last week
Totals (11/16-11/22) 
Running 70.03 miles (67.77/65.65 previous 2 weeks)
Biking 0 miles
NewBoozeRules (11/24-11/30) (less is more)
2.5 bottles of wine, 20 bottles of beer
Weight: 152 (moved up)
Diet track: My Fitness Pal

This week
Tried to run this morning. I made it .25 miles before the pain announced itself. I walked home. :-(
Today ended up being a rest day. I probably should have tried to go for a bike ride since I couldn't run. But instead, I opted to just rest. Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day.
NBR: zero drinks
Noah, Mimi's son has designs on getting a new boxer puppy. We are driving to look see a couple today. I know boxer's, there really is no such think as "just looking" - The pad will have a new member later today. Ramone (my old man) will be thrilled!

Puppy was super cute and we shall pick him up on Tuesday. So exciting!
Injury update: Decided to take the day off completely. I will attempt a run tomorrow and hopefully the pain is gone.

NBR: 3 bud light

Bike/fixie - 1:07:00 - 20.2 miles - 114 HR
Easy spin; I didn't run again today. I don't feel any soreness but I want to be safe and be sure not to aggravate my muscle pull (hopefully nothing more serious.
Well today will be different. A much needed rest day for my running sticks. Stupid boy here waited until he hurt himself after 42 day rest-free streak.
On a positive note, Mimi comes home from her work-trip today! I am happy about that.

NBR: .5 bottle of wine
Injured - Run - 1:18:00 - 8.26 miles - HR 117 -  ran good through mile 4 (<32', then struggled through mile 7 <57', then walked >18' pace pace home)
I don't know what happened... I was going to take today off/should have. But, I went out in the rain and actually felt pretty good. Then at around mile 4, I felt a twinge in my upper thigh which got really bad at around 10k so at mile 7 I decided to walk it in at a brisk pace. I guess it is time to get back on the bike for a bit. 12/1
Trail run - 1:54:00 - 10.12 miles - 10:23 pace - 785' elevation gain
Easy pace - 16 times up frontage road

NBR: 1 bottle of wine
Run - 9.32 miles - 1:15:07 - 8:03 per mile pace
3.5 mile jog to warm up, then 6  x 800  meter track 
intervals with 400 meter cool downs (between 3:10 - 3:15 each). Last time I did this I was around 3:20 per 800 so a step in the right direction.
NBR: 3 Corona Light