Time to run

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wrap #5

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Running 61.81 miles
Biking 22.16 miles
NewBoozeRules  (wine, beers)
11/2/14 - 11/8/13
1.5 bottles of wine, 7 bottles of beer

Run - street - steady - 8.12 miles - 1:08:00 - 8:22 pace
I got out late today; it was pretty dark due to daylight savings. Steady and Easy pace.

Run - 10.1 miles - street - 1:17:50 - with 6 times 5' tempo on 3' recovery

It is election day, stand up and vote!
Run - 1:24:00 - 9.54 miles - 121 avg hr - 8:48 pace
Heavy wind... like running into an invisible wall!

Well fellow democrats, progressives and social reformers: unfortunately it is true, yesterday the people voted and we were out-FOXED. I am not discouraged; I am fueled and ready to battle. I believe in the boss and I have his back

Run - 10.14 miles - hills at the trash heap (1037' of elevation gain) - hr 115 avg. Easy pace in the heavy wind/barely missed heavy rain.

Run - 8.1 miles - 1:01:00 - 7:31 pace - hr 140 avg.
Good run, with a timed 42:30 10k tempo thrown in. Mile 5 was 7:00 mile 6 was 7:01. Not even close to all time fastest but definitely some of my best miles since the traumatic brain injury. I don't know if I will ever run a sub 3 hour marathon a gain (6:50 pace for 26.2 miles), but I'm trying and the progress is encouraging!

Run - 8.38 miles - 1:1800  - 9:18 pace - hr 114 avg.
I must have been fatigued today... I just could not get my running sticks to cooperate. I felt sore and slow and I kept trying to move faster but -  I wanted to cut this short from the first mile, but I hung tough and finished the route. Until tomorrow...

Tomorrow (today) was a much better day. I rode my fixie for a little over an hour and kept the avg speed pretty high. After my ride I took a short transition (less than 5 minutes) into a decent run. Much better than yesterday. Hip hip hooray!
Bike - 22.18 miles - 1:08:00 - 19.5 mph avg - 122 hr
good ride in town on my fixie. My tri bike is in the shop getting tuned up and some repairs due to my crash last weekend.
Brick - short <5 min transition
Run - 7.45 miles - 1:00:13 - 8:04 pace - 135 hr
I am happy with my run today. Even though I rode first, I ran much more fluidly than yesterday.
Overall a good run week with over 61 miles logged. Besides today, I didn't ride due to general soreness and road rash. Hopefully I will ride more this week. I still need to figure out my next race too.