Time to run

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekly-Wrap #3

This week was ended on a - a note. As I posted earlier in a long Facebook post (I will save my readers and not repost it), I need to reevaluate my fitness and recovery goals somewhat. The week was shorter athletically due to my bike crash and injuries. They are relatively minor, thankfully. 

To the point: NBRs continue. Again I think I drank a few extra beers but the new alcohol control system - it is on track. Hopefully this week will have less 'infractions' - still, the awareness has served me well and overall my drinking has been by diminished by at least 95 percent. And yes, increased water consumption has continued as a replacement to the beers.

Week totals:
Running: 44.84 miles
Biking: 2.5 miles
NBR (drinking: 3 glasses of wine (1/2 bottle), 8 beers