Time to run

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week-Wrap #1

Well another week is in the books. Training went well, with some speed work and mental/dietary focus. Further, to aid in my weight-loss goals, I have decided to put drinking of alcohol on a strict allowance.

Week totals:
Running: 38.2 miles
Biking: 104.75 miles
Drinking: 3 glasses of wine (1/2 bottle)

Not drinking every night of the week is a dramatic change. I really enjoy relaxing with wine at dinner. The problem is, it doesn't end there. I usually continue on to beer and/or a second bottle of wine (with a little help from Mimi). Still, I have to keep my goals ahead of what I think is quality living.  I train a lot and still I am still struggling with my post TBI weight gain. I have lost most of the 35 pounds that I gained, but now I am in the tough final stretch. Without diligence, I probably will not lose the last 8-10 pounds that I believe is essential in order to reach my pre-accident athletic levels. I’m sure, there are other physical/medical reasons - that I do not understand - but I am certain that if I want to at least approach my previous level of fitness, I must commit in all areas.

Success has started.