Time to run

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wrap #10

Welcome to my room of twisted ramblings, recovery from a traumatic brain injury, athletic training, vegan munchies, music sensations and social howls.

Run - 1:02:30 - 7:39 p/m pace - avg hr 151
best run since the comeback from my over-use injury. I think rest is better than I generally give it credit for.

Run - 1:01:00 - 7.77 miles - 7:51 p/m pace - avg hr 140
good strong effort; no pain today

Run - 1:22 - 9.15 miles - 8:57 per mile pace - avg hr 122
The positive is I have run 4 days in a row since my injury related break. The negative is I had no juice at all.

Run - 1:01:00 - 7:55 per mile pace - HR 135
No pain!

Well The Black Keys were BIG last night! An incredible presentation at the BB&T center in Sunrise for this little Ohio band.
Run - 1:09:00 - 8.29 mile - 8:20 pace - HR 135
I am happy to run two days in a row with less pain and at a slightly better pace. Yeah!


Run - 1:01:01 - 7.18 miles - 8:30 per mile pace - HR 126
Well, I am happy to run pain free... the week of mostly rest has helped. Now I need to return slowly and not re-injure myself. First two miles were just under 9:00 per mile pace and then by miles 5 and 6 I was in the low 8's; so I feel good about today. This injury scared me as I had put in 3 solid weeks leading up and ran nearly 300 miles in November.

It should be a great night.


Football Sunday another day to rest the leg. I will try again to run tomorrow morning. NBR: 4 Beers

Run - the endless rest continues - I shall try again tomorrow.


NBR: 3 Beers

Run/Jog - 40:13 - 4.16 miles - 120 HR
I was going to take another day off but I manned up and followed Mimi and Irma to the store club run. Still very sore but followed the girls at the Runners Depot. Very slow jog, but I made it farther than any attempt since this injury began.

NBR: 4 Beers .5 btl of wine

Another full day of rest... played with the puppy a lot. I may be pushing the muscle pull too much. Rest is difficult.

Well, we are getting a new family member today... I will post a pic later!
I tried to run again today. I ran the first mile in about 8 mins (so a big improvement as last time I was walking at .25 miles); unfortunately I was reduced to a walk again - I started walking around 1.4 miles to home.

He is not home yet,  but he is commuting now. Name unknown, but I like Potato - time will tell - it is Noah's dog. I can't wait to meet him!

I don't know... I am not lazy; at least I don't think so. I am just gun-shy after my last failed attempt at running. I am afraid to hurt myself further. Still, I feel like a pussy for not training again today. It is so weird since I do not have general pain, but my last two runs ended up walks. I want to try to run again - patience. 

I'm a little bummed out right now... My running was on an upswing; volume and speed both increasing. Then last week, I tweaked my groin/leg and my training came to a halt. I didn't think it was serious but yesterday I was walking after just a quarter-mile of running. Today I bagged my ride even though I could have rode pain-free. I don't know if I am being smart or lazy. Hopefully my mojo stays calm and my rest days are short and I resume full running soon. Ever since my TBI, athletics have come back; but only in very small allotments. It was never this hard before the accident. I guess I underestimated the whole-body effects of a traumatic brain injury. A TBI definitely is mentally debilitating but let me say, the physical change is enormous as well. I will endure.

NBR: 6 Beers (Football Sunday)

Last weeks data:
Totals (11/31-12/6) 
Running 28.7 miles (70.03/67.77/65.65 previous 3 weeks)
Biking 20.2 miles
*last weeks totals took a dive due to my current injury*
NewBoozeRules (11/24-11/30) (less is more)
1.5 bottles of wine, 11 bottles of beer
Weight: 152 (moved up)
Diet track: My Fitness Pal