Time to run

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Welcome to my room of twisted ramblings, recovery from a traumatic brain injury, athletic training, vegan munchies, music sensations and social howls.

The obvious and and less obvious is that this will be my final howl of 2014. A lot of super-dooper shit has happened this year and turbo-charging me as I prepare to dance my way into my 50th year on earth. There I said it. On May, 14 I will be 50 motherf#cking years old. That is so awesome! I didn’t take the shortest route getting this far and it shows (I look like a distinguished onion head). Still, I am a lucky old man, and that is all I have to say about that.

I had a great year and I spent it with my sexy blonde - holy shit -I guess that alone makes my year perfect!

Athletically it was up and down. Again, I did not finish the Leadville 100 trail run. But I did finish The Keys 50 Mile race coming in 16th overall and first in my age group. I also logged 2600 miles of running (a personal record). My running speed really took a fall since my traumatic brain injury, but I continue to get faster and have designs upon finding more of it in the new year.

My baby Nico Berlin and her love Emmanuel, have made me a grandfather (now I need to buy the Grampy For Dummies book on Amazon) - and yes, I will read it. Margaux Juniper will have a jolly gramps!

So hell yeah, it was an awesome year and tomorrow is on fire. Cheers to 2015!

Run - 1:04:06 - 8.21 miles - 7:48 per mile pace - avg HR 138

    Good run, I need to be careful as I feel something weird in my right foot (on top)

    Run - 53:42 - 7.21 miles - 7:26 per mile pace
    hard rain - some tempo 

    Merry Christmas!

    12/24 Christmas Eve

    Goodness - Spirit of Christmas
    I do not believe in ghosts, gods or religion. I am a certain atheist. This however, does not block my vision to or the feeling of the spirit of Christmas. It is undeniable that during the holiday season, people change. On my jaded side I find it easy to vocalize about the ugly - its inherent capitalistic foundation. Further, I am not even convinced that Jesus was an actual living person - at least not as he is interpreted and presented today.
    This rant however, will not be about that. Instead, I would rather discuss the absolute beauty of the season; which is found among most Americans regardless of their position (god-loving, secular or otherwise). Just last night I was witness to an unlikely gesture; a legal bill forgiven by an attorney. He did not have to do this - he was allowing small payments to be periodically made (super nice already); but yesterday, in the spirit of Christmas, he granted absolute relief. Wow!
    I have not been searching for the Ghost of Christmas Past. No, I was simply a bystander lucky enough to take notice. Now, it is fair to say that kind actions of goodness probably happen myriad times daily and are we just too busy to see? Perhaps. But the truth is, charitable, generous and selfless events like the aforementioned are noticeably increased leading up to and on Christmas. Christians tend to shout-out how ‘blessed’ they are when luck finds them (and I cringe).  I prefer to simply state that I am grateful. Regardless, the tone is the same. [Note - in spite of my attempt to be partial, I cannot. I hear my internal religious critique howling.]


    Ah, okay I feel better. Across the nation people are gathering with family and friends. They share food, drinks and gifts. For most, it is the happiest time of year. The grand finale and the exciting send-off to the new years calendar.

    I want to stop now, and just say, Merry Christmas. I could and I should - but that would leave this rant pointless. I suppose that  I am questioning and judging myself. A  timid attempt to find direction and conclusion to these torn feelings. My emotions are especially pointed during the Christmas season. Does it even matter from where people gather hope, strength and purpose? Of course not! Ultimately the source of goodness is not superficial. Goodness is real. And remarkably, even for this non-believing heathen, the source is irrelevant. Goodness.

    Undoubtedly, the fundamental importance of Christmas is not about who is right or who is wrong. It is not about science vs mythological beliefs [snap, I did it again - sorry, I can not be objective]. It is about goodness. People helping and loving, generations engaging, rich and poor toasting, all races embracing, scholastic allocation and ultimately for all, universal equality. Yeah, giving is good.
    I like the idea of giving. The spirit is good. To me at least, that has always been the holidays basis. The Spirit of Christmas is Goodness. Yes, giving is what the spirit of Christmas is all about.
                                                  - Happy Holidays, Dick Dime
    Run - 1:04:05 - 6.21 miles - 8:53 p/m pace - 132 avg hr
    Hot and humid - that was bad enough - but the wind was worse. I felt like I was working hard and going nowhere. I'm glad that I got something in, regardless.

    Run - 1:21:00 - 10.17 miles - 7:58 p/m pace - 143 avg hr
    First 10k was pretty swift <43:00; then an easy jog the rest of the way
    No run - rest day
    Just a reminder from a lost genius. Sometimes I get so angry because as a society we forget the cost/loss of endless conflict. America has blood-stained hands (as do so many nations). We can rise above. We must rise above.

    Christmas week in SoFla! As I write, with only a few days left, no shopping completed. I will try to accomplish this trying task today/tomorrow (and sorry Nico - if I am late); I never was the holiday type. It continues as such.
    And the BIG NEWS: As I posted here last month, I am a grandfather now.Who would have thunk? Nico Berlin and Emmanuel presented the world with the super-fabulous-extra beautimous, Margaux Juniper!
    I cannot wait to get back to Denver early in 2015 to see my people - it has been far too long!
    My training seems to be back on track after a scare due to an overuse injury; which cased a complete stoppage in training. Last week started slow with physical limitations - I became stronger towards the end of the week leaving me enthusiastic about 2015. I shall start ling up some races now. I do not plan to run ultras as my focus (like last year). However I may run one or two 50 mile and/or 50k races. My goal will be to find the old pre-tbi speed (which is slowly starting to show signs of itself - growing old has its downside, you know?
    Run - 1:00:56 - 7.31 miles - 8:20 p/m pace - 144 avg hr
    easy recovery jog but I felt sluggish today - more so than I should have