Time to run

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oh geez, real estate class today is 9.5 hours. I don't think I am absorbing the information. I am not keeping up with the students in my class. I am simply just sitting here so that I complete the state required hours of classroom instruction. Sometimes I do things that exceed my capabilities. Since my traumatic brain injury, things are harder. It is sort of like when I tried to run The Leadville Trail 100 in 2012. Even though I finished 50 miles, it was too much too soon. I think I will finish Leadville this year; although I am not close to ready for the Florida exam now (or even the pre-test) - I have a plan. As with Leadville training, I need to slow down and train smart and learn this material on my own. I will get it and I will get my real estate license but my pace/approach must be restructured. Still, I feel stupid, bored and lost.