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Monday, March 30, 2015

MyHowl - Mar 29 > Apr 4

The week is going well and my volume is good. I actually logged this years 800th running mile earlier today. I also registered for my 3rd attempt at the Keys 50 from Marathon to Key West, FL. I hope to get in some heavy running miles in April and then gently taper down to race day on May, 16th. I do need a couple of long runs of 3 to 4 hours and preferably some back to back long days in order to train my legs to run tired. Last year I came back from 2012's DNF to finish 15th overall and 1st in the 45-49 age group. My birthday is May 14 so this year I will be running my first race in the 50 - 54 bracket. It looks like Mimi Reeves, Howard Helbein and David Mioduskewski are going to help pace me. 

You know, I haven't weighed-in for a long time. I stopped doing my weekly weigh-ins because I would get too disappointed. I still have at least 10 pounds to drop (I think) to return to my pre-TBI running weight of 139 pounds. After my hospitalization and initial recovery phase I had ballooned up to 174 pounds. It has been impossible to lose all of the weight. I have returned to the same training level and adopted a vegan life-style but I remain a fatty. On the positive side, my running is getting faster but at a rate much slower than I would like. I suppose it goes hand in hand with my weight. Yes, I am seeing improvements and I have a glimmer of hope; running has become the symbolic symbol that I have used to rate my recovery. I must be losing a little weight though, because I am running a little bit faster. The scale awaits and I will succumb soon.
Last week was pretty strong and I feel my legs returning to their running life. Today is another conflict altogether; as it is late in the morning and getting up and getting myself started is a struggle. TBI is a bitch. I have so much of me motivated and my creative-thinking-lobes trying to engage, but outside of my physical desire to regain my running ability, the motivation and or capability does not seem to be there. Running is something that I can do. It is still hard and I am nowhere near the runner I was before my accident, but the act of doing it is pretty simple. If I could just apply the same diligence to other aspects of my life; to simply be okay with slow and limited progress, I probably would begin to learn again. Running has been just like that as during my initial return to running I could only manage a 12 minute pee mile pace during my runs (previous to the brain injury I was a sub 6:00 per mile runner at distances as long as a 1/2 marathon. Even though I am improving, it has been a slow progression at best. I still have not logged more than a couple of single miles at less than a 7:00 pace during my runs; although I have run low 7:00 runs for considerable distances. It is hard and although improvements come slowly and leave me discouraged, my drive continues. Slowly my lost ability is returning; now if I could apply the same focus to my cognitive growth, perhaps one day I could function in a new career ah...
Hi friends, please read this short TBI update:
I am happy today and I feel like bragging. I had a really great run. Even though my legs are tired from the 45 miles I have logged over the past 4 days, I ran well. Ordinarily this in itself wouldn't be a big deal, but today's 8 mile run felt special as I ran miles 5 and 6 at 6:55 and 6:56 per mile respectively. Pre traumatic brain injury, that was my typical marathon pace but countless (post TBI) 12:00+ miles have really hurt my feelings and crushed my confidence. The long and short of it is, my diligence is paying off and it feels better than it ever has. No longer do I dream to run as fast as did before my brain injury. Instead I dream of running faster than I could yesterday. It rocks when dreams come true!

Training (week total: 80.93)

Sat Run 2:10:00 - 12.82 mi - 10:08 pace
Trail run. Reduced to a walk/run after mile 10. The heat got me  and I am tired after a 3 week build: 60, 70 and 80 plus miles - progressively per week.
Fri Run 1:06:55 - 8.25 mi - 8:06 pace - 138 avg hr 
Hot/Humid/Tired Running Sticks
Thurs AM Run  1:03:05 - 7.57 mi - 7:20 pace -135 avg hr
Trail run at the trash heap. About 550 feet of elevation gain
Thurs PM Run 1:08:23 - 8:20 miles - 8:20 pace - 139 avg hr
Runners Depot - short run, but I got lost again. TBI drama :-(
Wed Run 1:12:46 - 9.23 mi - 7:53 pace 174 avg hr ?? hr seems high/off
Oops, I need to get out much earlier than noon now. Summer is back with its heat and humidity.
Tue AM Run 1:03:26 - 8.13 mi 7:48 pace 134 avg hr
Ran at the trash heap on the flats (not the hills or trails)

Tue PM Run 43;24 - 5.1 mi 8:30 pace - 8:30 pace

WOB run

Mon Run 1;40:26 - 13.22 mi - 7:35 pace - 149 avg hr

Good run. 

Sun Run 1:00:32 - 8. 41 mi - 7:11 pace - 141 avg hr
Excellent effort
Last week:
(1 rest day): 74.06.41 mi - last month: 296.78 mi - last year: 2,670.88 mi
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dear God

This video is a few years old but America, Israel, Iran, and God, please watch:

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

MyHowl - Mar 22 > 28

Rest. I am uneasy about yet another rest day. I have the lazy-funk and I find easy excuses to miss workouts lately. I hope I really am listening to my body and getting the extra (but needed) rest. 

Another LSD session at Vista View Park - aka the trash heap with Irma, Mimi, Fra and Richard. Great day.

Training (week total: 74.07 mi)
Sat Run 2:14:12 - 16.1 mi - 125 avg hr
There was a half marathon race that I ran along with at the start. I ran in just behind the overall winner. 
Fri Run 2:00:37 - 13.85 mi - 148 avg hr
HOT WIND IN MY FACE - tough run
Thur Run 58:46 - 8:13 pace - 124 avg hr
Wed Run 1:02:58 - 8.23 mi - 7:39 pace - 136 avg hr
Some tempo
Tue AM Run 1:05:00 - 8.33 mi - 140 avg hr - 670 feet of elevation gain
Trails/hills at the trash heap. Good run; attacked the uphills.
Tue PM Run 52:00 - 6.30 mi - 122 avg hr
World of Beer run - easy
Mon Rest
Sun Run 2:07:00 - 14.11 mi - 121 avg hr - 650 feet of elevation gain
LSD at the Heap, 650' elevation gain.

Last week:

(1 rest day): 62.41 mi - last month: 235.72 mi - last year: 2,670.88 mi
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

MyHowl - Mar 15 > 21

I love the primitive side of life... natural beauty just a few short steps from my front porch.

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My long-time buddy from Denver, Richard Samuel is coming to town today. I will have to adjust my training schedule in order to be a proper host for the next few days. It will be good fun to show South Florida to him.  

5:21 PM and I am still not out the door. I have been in bed most of the day; now I am pretending to want to get a short run in. Lets see...
> I DID IT! - I waited until nearly not running at all and somehow found a pocket of motivation and ran. I got in over 13 miles. Yesterday I ran longer (for 2 hrs) and only managed 10 miles, so this leaves me pleased.
On your mark, get set, go.... tough day. I am happy to have gotten out and I am happier to have gotten back in. 

Training (week total: 62.41 mi)
Fri Run 1:15:00 - 8.65 mi - 133 avg hr
Ran out at Deerfield Beech. Heavy headwind for the four miles back in.
Thur - AM Run 1:00:28 - 7.12 mi - 136 avg hr
Trail run at the trash heap. I charged the uphills. 
Thur - PM Run 41:00 5.2 mi - 131 avg hr
Runners Depot run.
Wed 6.71 mi - 7.27 pace - 147 avg hr
Short route - I have to head up to the West Palm Beach Airport to pick up my buddy. Good effort with some tempo bursts.
Tue AM 7.5 mi - 8.08 pace - 137 avg hr
Trash Heap - hills/550' elevation gain - good run
Tue PM Run 25:49 - 4.25 mi - 7:57 pace - 124 avg hr
World of Beer run club. I ran with Mark and Sam. Nice and short, but we picked up the tempo each mile. Sam was my pacer at the Keys 50 last year; he is racing it this year. I need to find a few pacers for this years race... takers?
Mon Run 1:57:00 - 13:23 mi - 9:50 pace - 126 avg hr
Much better today. I faded over the last few miles, but I ran a lot smoother than yesterday.Tue AM Run 1:01:1
Sun Run (trail/hills) 2:00:00 10.75 mi - 11:00 pace - 115 avg hr
It was rough for me out there today. I felt tired and slow and I couldn't shake the funk. It was hot and humid.

Last week: 40.43 mi - last month: 235.72 mi
 - last year: 2,670.88 mi
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

MyHowl - Mar 8 > 14

Two rest days and I am almost ready to start moving again. I need to begin to refocus and decide whether or not I am going to run The Keys 50; I have run it 2 years in a row (I did not finish in 2013 but managed 15th overall 1st in age group in 2014). I would like to go back and see how I have progressed. Sort of a post TBI barometer. The problem is, I have to up my training now in order to be prepared for running 50 miles. I don't know...

I am getting closer to committing to a return to the Keys 50. The race is on May, 16; 2 days after I turn 50. I suppose doing it will be a profound statement as I enter a new age group and begin my life as a senior athlete. Hmm. I suppose I should get over myself and embrace it. It also symbolizes a demarcation that puts my past to rest - all of it. The successes and the pain (including my traumatic brain injury). It is time to see how far I can go now. Not to lament what I think that I have lost. Times are changing and times are getting better. After finishing the A1A Marathon and The Dances With Dirt 50K last month, I feel tired (although I am happy with my performance at both races). I have not felt enthusiastic about returning to that ultra race. 
In fact I have been rationalizing reasons why ultra running isn't for me and how it isn't making me any faster... Yeah, the truth is I need to return. And once I slow down my consumption of food/booze, lose some more weight; I will get faster. And to be completely honest, I am getting faster. I will find the money to enter the Keys 50. I simply need to wrap my coconut shell around this fact: I need to run the Keys 50 again.Saturday
A good week of training on tired legs. I did manage to take 3 days completely off and my recovery seems to be going well. This week should be back to normal and then the build for the Keys 50 shall begin.Saturday
I am glad that this week is over. I had some OK runs, but mostly I felt really tired despite 3 complete rest days. 


Sun Rest
Mon Rest 

Tues AM 3/10 Run 1:01:25 - 7.22 mi - 8:30 pace - 122 avg hr
Easy run to get the legs moving
Tue PM Run 37:42 - 4.0 miles - 9:25 pace - 108 avg hr

Wed Rest tired and lazy. I need to get my feeling back.
Thur AM Run - 9.12 mi - 1:18:26 - 8:36 per mile pace - 143 avg hr
Trail run with 700 feet of elevation gain @ the trash heap
Thur PM Run - 5.2 mi - 41:42 - 8:01 per mile pace - 132 avg hr
Runners Depot Run Club
Fri 3/13  Run - 6.74 mi - 51:36 - 7:39 per mile pace - 139 avg hr
I felt a little bit better today. Unfortunately our 3 week winter is about over; heat/humidity has started to return
Sat  Run 8.15 mi - 1:04:26 - 7:54 per mile pace - 142 avg hr
Steady effort 

Week total (3 rest days): 40.43 mi
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

MyHowl - Mar 1 > 7

Well, here we go, it is taper time. The reality is it is becoming more of a train through/moderate taper. I will cut back and include some complete rest days this week as Sundays 50K trail race approaches. I feel pretty good at this point and my confidence is pretty high. Of course, 32 miles is a long way and anything can happen on a trail as I proved last year by getting lost for 38 plus miles. I think I am in better shape based on my Marathon a few weeks ago.
A day off from training today... probably needed - but why do I feel so guilty? I will run tomorrow and we drive Friday to Dade City, FL (Green Swamp) for Saturday's race.

Sun 3/1: Run - 1:26 - 10.11 miles - 8:30 Pace - ? avg hr.
Vista View trash heap trail run with 700 -800 feet of elevation gain. I do not know for sure because my Garmin is not uploading my data to Garmin Connect and I am not happy about this. Anyway good run in my new light weight New Balance Minimus trail runners. 
Mon 3/2: Run - 1:03:00 8.22 miles - 7:39 pace
Steady pace - felt pretty relaxed today.
Tue AM 3/3 Run - 1:02:00 - 7.26 miles - 8:30 pace
Hill repeats - about 800 feet of elevation gain
Tue PM 3/3 - Run - 42:07 - 5.2 miles - 7:54 pace - 136 avg hr

WOB (World of Beer) fun run.
Wed 3/4 REST
Thurs 3/5 - Run - 1:32:07 - 10.15 miles - 9:04 pace 
Slow run, heavy wind - tired
Fri 3/6 rest/travel day
Sat 3/7 RACE - 50K - 4:49:31 - 9:03 per mile pace - 141 avg hr
A great day. I won my age group and came in 8th place overall. 

Week Total (1 rest day): 85.02 mi (that is a lot of mileage for me!)
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Dances With Dirt 50K Race

Dances with Dirt Green Swamp Race

Well Mimi Reeves, and Frank Fahey and I drove to Dade City on Friday to race Saturday, March 7.
- Frank ran the 10K
- Mimi ran the 13.1 mile race
- I ran the 50K race
The cool thing is that each of us placed in our particular age-groups in our races which made the 4 hour drive home very enjoyable as we rehashed our individual race stories. Frank is convinced (and he may be right) that our regular hill/trail runs at the trash heap gave us a competitive edge.
Last year I ran this race and got really lost. I ran 38 miles instead of 31 in 6:27 minutes; somehow still managing 4th place in my age group. Yesterday I did get lost a few times, but re-tracked quickly. I ran 32 miles in 4:49 minutes (9:03 pace) and finished 1st in my age group and 8th place overall.

I am particularly pleased with my effort and the results that I posted today. The journey back to running after my traumatic brain injury has been long and slow. I have been diligent and although my struggles are still slowing my running times, the work is paying off. I definitely do not take it lightly and without a doubt I value my success greatly.

I started pretty fast. After 10K I was in 4th place overall. My pace was in the low to mid 7:00 minute per mile range. I felt good and although I may have started a bit too fast, I don't have any regrets. As I approached mile 10, I maintained an aggressive pace.

Miles 10 - 20 slowed considerably as the swam filled the trail and I was emerged in waist deep water, near impassible grass, weeds and woods often and tiring ankles (not to mention a massive blister on the arch of my right foot). The pack of runners really thinned out and navigation became difficult. At times I didn't see anyone for long stretches and the course was difficult to find. I was running lost in my own personal nightmare. I was happy to get passed at around mile 22 and I followed the fleet footed runner as long as I could but he quickly dropped me. At mile 29 or so I fell hard. I got up quickly and quickly began running again but I was disoriented. I felt lost. My pace was in the 10:00 minute per mile zone now. I mostly just wanted an assurance that I was still on course. Memories of last years epic lost-man's race haunted me. At around mile 30 I heard some voices. "on your left", "one more", as a man and a women passed me. I have never been so happy to be passed! I tried but I couldn't keep up. Before long they were gone. I struggled on and eventually found the finish line.

I was surprised/thrilled to find out that I won my age group and finished in the top 10! I didn't have any expectations because I mostly looked at this race as a long training day. I certainly didn't think I could break 5 hours on this course.

Today was a great day!
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